modified wardrobe: spray painted shoes

October 3, 2012

Yes, that's right.
Spray painted shoes.
I took a chance and tried it.
And what do you know, it worked.

A while back my sister gave me these brown shoes.
I thought they were really cute but I just never wore brown.
So they sat on my shelf and gathered dust.
Then one day I thought, man! I wish these shoes were gray.
{You know, my go-to/favorite color/neutral.}
Light bulb!
Now, I have had plenty of "brilliant" ideas that ended up ruining items
rather than improving them.
So I try to only do things like this when I have nothing to lose.
These shoes were free from my sister.
They were a little older.
And they sat on my shelf, never getting worn.
If I didn't paint them they'd end up at goodwill.
If I ruined them they'd end up in the trash.
No biggie.
So I started by taping off the wedge with painters tape
and stuffing some tissue paper inside.
Then did a couple of coats of grey spray paint.
Trying to get all the different curves and angles of the shoe.
Then I let them dry for a long time.
The material of the shoes is kind of a faux suede
so the paint made the shoes a little crunchy.
But seriously, who touches your shoes? :)

Walla. Now I love them and wear them all the time!

Go spray paint some shoes.


amy D said...

WOW! These look awesome! So inspiring!

Anonymous said...


This is so something I would do!! I love them!

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