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October 10, 2012

I left my favorite aviators at my friend's house
so I picked up some new shades at Target
and even branched out and tried a new style.
I was pleasantly surprised with how much I was diggin' the 50's/60's style.
Then I was browsing one of my favorite style blogs
and saw the same. exact. pair of shades.
Only Rayban and $150.
Mine were $13. ;)

 Close enough, right!?
My earrings are from Old Navy.
$8 yo.
I'm kind of obsessed with them.

I've been looking for a dainty everyday gold necklace
and wanted one in a continuous line.
There's all kinds of cute ones out there, and some spell words like love, etc.
Some of my girlfriends have the cute "on the mark" necklace
from stella & dot so I went to the site to check out the price.
49 bucks. Not in my budget.
So I started searching around etsy, cause you can find pretty anything on etsy,
and I like supporting handmade businesses.
I ended up finding a super cute shop with an adorable gold bow bracelet.
I asked the shop owner if she could put it on a necklace and walla!
 I love it!
$22. Bam.

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