she sits.

September 24, 2012

So Jia's 6 months.
Actually 7.
And a half.
And she's sitting up now.
And has her 2 bottom teeth.
I thought she was due for an update. :)
Around her 6 month mark I was starting to become slightly concerned
because she was not, and had no interest in, sitting up.
Jett was crawling at 6 months.
But I guess she just needed a little nudge.
My dad and I just started sitting her up
and splaying out her legs
a little each day.
A week or so after she turned 6 months she was doing it on her own.
Now she sits while she plays
and is SO much happier.
Toys are more interesting from this angle.
As are her brothers.
And mama is easier to keep an eye on. ;)

As you can see she still has her hair.
Her newborn hair has just gotten longer.
And thinner.
Its kind of a mullet-ish bob.
I love it.
I'm sure it will fall out eventually,
I'm just hoping all the new growth underneath
gets nice and long first. :)
My dad calls her Savannah.
My mom used to have my little brother & sister's
picture taken with a chimp at the fair every year (animal cruelty?).
The chimp's name was Savannah.
So my dad thinks Jia looks like a monkey.
Which she does. :)

 "Seriously Mom. Stop taking pictures."

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