modified wardrobe: knock off skinnies

September 25, 2012

This past Spring I was DROOLING
over my girlfriend's new grey and white polka dot skinnies.
And if you know me at all you know I'm major obsessed with grey.
As well as grey and white polka dots.
(I have a grey and white polka dot cardigan, scarf and {now} pants.
And they are my staples.)
So of course my first question was,
"Where. Did you. Get those!?!?"
A few weeks later I got up the nerve to look them up.
Just to see if they were really that bad...
And they were.
Almost TWO. HUNDRED. DOLLARS people.
For skinny jeans!
There was no way these suckers were going to drop enough
in price to be even close to my budget.
So I planned on "borrowing" them sometime...
and then fleeing the country. ;)
Last week. You won't believe.
Target. Had. Grey and white. Polka dot skinny jeans.
For $22!!!
Patience really is a virtue. ;)

The anthro jeans were a little paler grey and the dots were a little smaller,
but seriously, am I going to complain about a $180 savings?
I don't think so. ;)
My mint top is from Forever21 and I'm quite in love with it as well - $27 I believe.
Earrings are from World Market - $10.
You're welcome. ;)


Alaythea said...

You look stunning!

Leanne said...

LOVE everything about your outfit...especially the prices! I have never even been to World Market, but my sister just recommended them for their cheap pillows. Guess I'll have to check out the jewelry too! :)

Allyson said...

hi. its me. your friend you is a sucker and actually pays the almost $200 for a pair of gray polka dot skinnies. yep. =) love that mint top!!! gorgeous!

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