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September 14, 2012

Over the past 2 years I've had tons of people inquire about my kids' amber teething necklaces. So I thought I'd write about it and then just refer everyone to this post. :) I think my friend Audrey was the first person to introduce me to them but I did a little research of my own and asked my go-to healthcare provider (dad) his opinion as well.

What are they?
Amber teething necklaces are made up of amber stones.  Amber is a gemstone made from fossilized tree resin (remember Jurassic Park? Same concept.).

How do they work?
Some believe that Amber contains healing qualities (I said qualities people, not powers) and when worn on and warmed by the skin, it releases soothing oils. So when babies where them around their necks, it helps soothe their jaws, gums, etc. while teething.

DO they work?
Jett was really struggling while teething and I was desperate to find a homeopathic remedy and not have a nightly routine of doses of infant tylenol.  So I decided to give amber teething necklaces a chance.  Within days he seemed calmer, happier and before I knew it his FOUR front teeth all popped through at the same time without so much as a peep from him! It may have been may not have.  My bible study childcare givers even told me they noticed a difference in his temperament. So who knows? He wore his non-stop until recently.

Jia has worn hers for quite a few months already.  Around 2 months old she started getting fussy, drooly and chewing on everything in sight so I put one on her.  About a week or 2 ago she was EXTREMELY fussy for about 2 or 3 days (even while wearing the necklace) and would scream in agony when we'd rub her gums. We knew she was close.  This past Sunday we could see white lines on her bottom gums, on Monday we could feel a tooth!  So she still had a couple of very fussy days when her teeth were super close to coming through, but for the most part teething has not been too terrible for her or us.

Are they safe?
When I first got Jett's necklace I was really worried about him wearing it to bed. But that's when he needed it most! I eventually got over my fear (good or bad) and got used to it. I know my mother-in-law (a nurse) about croaked and probably thought I was the worst mother ever but she seemed to get used to it too. ;) You want to make sure that they necklace is not too tight on their chubby little necks and you also want to make sure they're not too long and could get snagged on something and cause them to choke. I make sure Jett and Jia's beds are safe and free of anything they could get caught on. I also make sure to always tuck the necklace inside their shirts. They can't do any good if they're not directly on their skin and I like them tucked away where they don't even notice them.  Jia found hers a lot earlier than Jett did (go figure, gotta love little girls) but for the most part leaves it alone. You also want to make sure that once your baby has teeth that they're not biting the necklace. The stones can actually break and splinter.

So what do I think?
I'm undecided. Jett was inconsolable while teething.  After putting an amber necklace on him, he got ALL of his teeth (including molars) without fussing at all ever again. Jia has worn her necklace all along and has not been too bad except for those 2 or 3 days of bad pain and irritability. There is obviously no scientific proof that amber actually heals or soothes. But my view is, its natural and it can't hurt them so its worth a shot. If it seems to work and it takes the place of synthetic drugs then its worth it.
Where do you find them?
Etsy is a great place to find amber teething necklaces and I love supporting small businesses - especially  when they're run by other mamas! :) I ordered mine from this shop.

*Tip: I also love Hyland's Homeopathic Teething Tablets if you can find them. We've also tried Homeopathic Oral Gel but I didn't see a lot of results.

So yes, I recommend giving amber teething necklaces a try!  But I am not a doctor or nurse. So definitely do your own research and decide if they're a good idea for your baby and lifestyle. :)

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Laura Brady said...

Thanks for all the info. My little man is coming in January, and I'll have to keep amber necklaces in mind for teething time.

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