August 23, 2012

First off, thank you so much to all my sweet friends for the nursing encouragement and advice!
It seems to be going a little better since I've gotten serious about my food and water intake.
And along with Jia's sweet baby rolls, I'm trying to remember that her diapers 
are a good indicator that she's getting enough as well.
Her occasional dissatisfaction and how little I can pump these days stills worries me a bit
but I'm trying to stay positive! :)
 So do you want to see the cutest kindergartner {girl} ever? ;)
No, that's not Jett in a dress.
This is me - first day of kindergarten - 1987. :)
Check out the kid's jams and converse in the background.
Actually, I think that's my brother Chad...he was all over jams back in the day.

Today was the day.
The day I sent my firstborn off to his first day of real school.
Did I cry? Nope.
Did he cry? Nope.
Did he bypass his class all lined up and head into the school on his own, 
without so much as a glance back at us?
 He's waited for this day for a long time...
 Little brother was trailing him closely.
He put on Jay's backpack today (which spans his whole body)
and said, "bye mom, I going to school! Kiss!" 
 Baby girl was thrilled to be there.
  All lined up, ready to go.

The hardest part was when Jetty had to say goodbye.
He doesn't like being left behind.
Or leaving Jaymin behind.

When I picked Jaymin up he said it was his "best day of school ever". :)
In the pick up line his teacher mouthed "he did great" and gave me a thumbs up.
He's gonna do great.

Next stop, Cupcake A La Mode,
our favorite cupcake joint,
for a little celebrating.

The little girl in front of me bought the last peanut butter chocolate cupcake.
It wasn't a big deal...
Except for the fact that I had been DREAMING about THAT cupcake all. day. long.
But whatever.
I settled for the raspberry lemonade, my second fave.
Jay got after dinner mint.
And then him and Jett screamed and fought the entire time.
So we left. :)
The end.

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melissa said...

first day of kindergarten is such a fun time! my little one started this year! love the picture of your baby girl. what a doll!

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