I turned 30 and moved in with my parents.

August 14, 2012

So this is our new house.
Ha! Kidding.
This is just where we're crashing for a bit.
I know, its kind of ghetto but we'll make it.

Its actually really weird to be living back home again.
Kinda like when you go away to college and then move back in after graduation
till you get on your feet.
Only this time I'm bringing my husband and 3 kids with me rather than a diploma.
 You're welcome mom and dad!
I know you love having my family of 5 take over your lives and home.
Seriously though, its a fun little season for us.
And by us I mean me and my kids. ;)

We've been eating like kings here.
My mom buys fresh raw milk and farm fresh eggs every week.
She makes homemade butter and ice cream from the raw milk cream.
She also bakes homemade bread for sandwiches and toast.
...from flour she ground herself...from wheat berries my dad sprouted...
They buy tons of fresh fruits and veggies and high quality meats.
My mom or dad make breakfast everyday.
I seriously wake up to the smell of eggs and bacon sizzling on the stove.
We make lunch and dinner together and clean it up together.
It's like we've got a little commune going.

This is Rusty.
And this is his job.
To mope. He's a moper.
He also thinks he's a human.
He'll climb in your bed and lay his head on your pillow.
And he'll ask you with his eyes to pull the covers up to his chin.
He also won't drink tap water.
Only purified.
With ice.
Crushed ice.
You think I'm kidding.
I don't think he likes us living here and that's why he mopes.
Him and Jett have a love/hate relationship.
Jett is doing both the loving and the hating.
Rusty is neutral.
He'll eventually get tired of being ridden, poked, jabbed, and his "pee-pee" pointed out
and then he'll get up and walk away.
That's how he deals with confrontation.
He gets it from my mom.
Just kidding mom. Sorta.
I know you don't read my blog anyway (this is her test).

 I'm going to assume you're as nosy curious as I am
and want to know what it looks like to have 5 people sharing 1 space.

This is the walk-in closet in the guest room/used to be my brother's room/where we're staying.
This closet is nicer than our whole {old} house.
Sometimes I just go in there to hang out.
And organize.
There's enough open space to play a board game on the floor.
We each have a set of plastic drawers
{from our old closets}
and a clothing rack.
{okay, I have two}.
We can easily fit everything we'll need for the next couple of months
in this one closet.
The boys are actually sleeping in my old room
and Jia is in the "study". 
Its a room not really used for anything in a part of the house where nobody really goes
and has glass french doors so we can peak at her while she sleeps.

This is where my kids get to play...
{taken in the spring}
When its not 100+ degrees.
My parents were out to town last weekend so we had the whole house to ourselves.
And garage.
I took full advantage.
I can't wait to have a garage of our own.
No more mad dashes to the house in the rain,
arms full of groceries and babies.
No more frozen solid cars in Kansas' hellish winters.
We're going to be like real grown ups. ;)
 I will share more house info when I have it!
Right now we're wrapping up the very long, drawn out process
of vacating our townhouse.
This townhouse complex is a great place to live
- cheap rent, lots of space, hardwood floors -
but there are TONS of ridiculous hoops to jump through when you move out.
And we're still playing the waiting game for our new house.
I can't wait to share it with you!

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