7 years.

August 29, 2012

 This past weekend my love and I snuck away for a little one night staycation.
 We got a cozy little hotel room downtown on the plaza.
We had dinner sitting on an upper balcony and enjoyed the view
and beautiful weather.
We walked around a bit and window shopped
then stopped in Seasons 52 for dessert.

We slept in - correction, I slept in. Jeff got up at his normal time
and walked to Starbucks.
He thought that was pretty cool. A real city boy I tell ya. ;)

I took this photo as I was giving him a quick crash course on my camera
so I can maybe be in some photos someday. ;)
We had brunch at The Classic Cup Sidewalk Cafe and sat outside.
It's a favorite of mine and its where we went on our 1st anniversary.
When we were walking to the restaurant all the sights, smells and sounds
made me think of our time in Spain. Such sweet memories.
Someday I should blog about them. :)
It was such a nice way to celebrate our 10 years of togetherness and 7 years of marriage.
 ...and then it was back to reality.
Complete with puking child. ;)

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The Kastens said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. It caught my eyes about your time in Spain. My husband and I first met in Spain. We’ve been back twice since being married. Sitting outside on a gorgeous day ALWAYS reminds me of Spain.

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