the night I turned 30.

July 9, 2012

I have been a horrible blogger.
My blogging breaks always scare me,
like, why don't I have the desire to blog?
why can't I seem to find the time or would rather do something else?
or why am I always too tired?
And then I remind myself, oh yeah, its summer.
I'm always a terrible blogger in the summer.
All I want to do is go to the pool.
Get out.
Do fun stuff.
Which is exactly what we've been doing.
And I've been photographing all of it.
Just need to get busy blogging it!
So that being said, I'm going to try to be better about posting
in the next couple weeks. :)
As you'll recall in my last post
I was whining about turning 30 (and scrunchy stomach skin).
Well, it happened, even with my lack of enthusiasm.
The day was pretty uneventful.
Jeff and I went to a wedding the night before
for my dad's business partner's niece.
I know.  Its sounds like a strange wedding to attend
but these people are practically like family to us.
They're straight up Italian too so that makes for pretty good parties. :)

Weddings are seriously the best date nights ever.
Dinner, dancing, dressing up.  Doesn't get much better.
For the ladies anyway.
It was black tie attire and everyone was in tuxes or suit jackets 100 degree weather...thank the good Lord for indoor weddings.
The wedding was gorgeous and we seriously had a blast.
All my siblings were there (minus 1 brother)
without children and we were all seated at the same table.
You would've thought we were teenagers again with the way we were acting. :)
My dad may have had too much fun...
Keep in mind this is not alcohol induced.
We stayed out pretty late
and just as I was crawling into bed
I realized I was 30. :)
Everyone slept late in the morning cause of our late night
so we skipped church and then went to my parents for cake and ice cream
and watched the kids do this...
Jay got a slip n slide that apparently had to be set up IMMEDIATELY
and then the dads had the brilliant idea of making it longer with tarps.
I wore my new dress and Jeff took me to La Bodego for tapas & sangria
and then to Snow White and The Huntsman.
Two dates in one weekend. Can't beat that. :)

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Jami Nato said...

annnnnnnd, we're going to go out this week.

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