insta update :: jia edition

July 20, 2012

Jia overload coming your way.
Instagram photos + captions...
"Somebody left their baby monkey on the couch. Oh wait. It's just Jia. ;) "

"She won't smile. I think she's mad that her swimsuit is too tight and it's a size 6 mos..."

" the shade. Ignore the cleavage."

"Good morning bedhead."

"I just walked in on another woman naked in my bed."

"What? This is how they wear their headbands in Paris."
"Sleeping in the the pool..."
And the answer is yes, my baby is naked a lot.
One, she's cute naked.
Two, she won't be like this forever so I have to document her chubbiness.
And three, its a thousand degrees in Kansas right now, suck.

In other news,
Jia's rug finally came!
It's perfect in her room and I love what it adds to it.
Click here for the whole tour.

1 comment:

amy said...

jia's room is adorable and so is she! loooovvveee the baby rolls!

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