I have a 6 year old.

July 10, 2012

At 7:08 am I became the mother of a six year old.
 My little kickapoo.
6 seems so much older than 5.
Maybe its because they stop making toddler sizes at 5T.
He's a big boy now.
Wearing clothes with just a number.

Today Jaymin will wake up almost 800 miles from his mama.
Yesterday he left with his Nana & Papa and 3 cousins for his daddy's old stompin' ground,
Albuquerque, NM.
And to be quite honest,
I wasn't too sad to see him go.
This summer has brought out the inner teenager in him
and has him acting more like 16 instead of 6.
I'm looking forward to the break. :)

With Jaymin preparing to leave town for 2 weeks
this year's theme for his birthday party was SIMPLE.
Oh yeah, and "pool party". :)

I can't believe its taken me 6 years to throw this boy a pool party.
Being born on July 10th, his birthday has been roasting every single year.

A beach towel for a table cloth.
 Shark fin cupcakes.
 A carved watermelon shark, courtesy of my mom. :)
 Sponge ball favors (you've probably seen them on Martha Stewart or Pinterest).
Goldfish crackers, Capri Suns & Swedish fish.
 Easy peasy.
 So big.
This is what happens when my sister in law is out of town.
My brother in law uses electrical tape to wrap presents. :)
Pretty sure that's not gonna fit Cass. ;)

Oh hey, I do attend the parties I plan...
What'd'ya know about that?
And yes, this is what I'm doing the entire time.
No, not wearing a bikini. Taking photos.

Some of Jay's besties.
And this is what ended the party.
The party that was already rescheduled.
We had some issues come up Saturday morning, the day of the party,
with reservations at the pool so we moved it to Sunday afternoon instead.
And then a storm rolled in...
You know, cause it hadn't rained in Kansas in a month.
Gotta love it. ;)

{photos by me & my mom :) }


Jill@babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, Oh My! said...

ADORABLE PARTY!! and you just had a baby?? you look AMAZING!!!

Rene said...

Chelsea, your family is just beautiful!

Victoria Kidson said...

Wonderful photos and a job well done. We recently had a first birthday party for a girl and we got in a childrens reptile party and like you we got some memorable photos.
Keep up the good work as being a parent is often the toughest job of all.

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