celebrating independence 2012

July 17, 2012

Sometimes I wish we had a 4th of July tradition
so we always knew where we were going, what we were eating, who we'd be with, etc.
But because we don't, we get to experience new things
and spend the holiday with people we don't usually see and make new friends.

This year we went to Lawrence (one of my favorite towns)
and spent the evening with Jeff's parents, grandma, sister and her family
and some of her friends.

The food was soooo good.
That's all it takes for me to call it a good celebration. :)

We made sure there were ways for the children to get wet.
Cause it just isn't July 4th in Kansas if the temps don't reach 100.
And what's more american than a slip n slide? ;)

Jeff seeking financial advice from his super sharp grandma.
Who takes college courses for something to do.
And has an iPad.

As the sun was setting we realized that it was 9 o'clock
(not 7 like we thought - gotta love long summer days)
and the little ones were not going to make it through the late night fireworks
(and weren't really loving the big booms that had already started)
so I took them home and daddy and Jaymin stayed to watch.
Sometimes you gotta take one for the team I guess. ;)

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