what we do when we're sick.

June 21, 2012

People ask me all the time about my family's health care choices
and more specifically, what we do when we're sick.

Most of my friends know how passionate I am about homeopathic health care 
and probably roll their eyes at me on a regular basis. :) 
But I honestly view the care of our bodies {God's temple} as part of our spirititual walk 
because God made them, wants us to take care of them, 
and I believe he created and gave us the tools we need in order to do that.
Those tools being our {incredible} immune systems and all kinds of other natural elements.

I also believe that introducing lots of synthetic medications and foods 
is really damaging to our bodies and should be done as rarely as possible.

I mentioned that I've been sick the past week or so and I think that has led right into allergies.
And I think my younger two chillins are suffering as well.
Anyway, a friend of mine just asked me again what I was doing since I hadn't gone to the doctor
and been "diagnosed" and her friend had some similar symptoms and possibly had strep.
 I've probably had strep before and I may have had it last week (when I didn't have a voice for a week)
but maybe not. Who knows. To me it doesn't really matter.
 I'm feeling better now, I have my voice back and the way I look at it, 
my immune system is just that much stronger now. 
I know some think that's a bit extreme but I believe in building up our immunity 
rather than tearing it down and I believe it truly makes us stronger 
and able to fight off more common viruses, 
sometimes without us even knowing they've been introduced into our systems.

So I thought I'd share some "remedies" that I was given all growing up
and now it's what I do for my own family.
I would also like to add that my family is pretty healthy to begin with.
My dad is a chiropractor so we get treated regularly
and research shows that having your spine {which houses your nervous system}
properly aligned can help your body stay healthier all around.
Even baby "Jida" gets treated. :)
All my babies are checked shortly after birth
because their poor little necks and spines go through a lot during delivery.
Jia's been great but needed her first "real" adjustment just last week.
She mad screamed - not cried - at my dad.
It was pretty funny. :)
We also have chosen to not vaccinate.
I know this is an EXTREMELY controversial subject
and one I take very seriously and do what I can to continue to educate myself
on both sides of the spectrum.
My dad chose to stop vaccinating his children in the 80's when I had 
what ended up being my final reaction to a scheduled immunization.
Anyway, that's a story in itself,
but Jeff and have done our own research and have made the same decision
for our children.
The reason I mention this is to go back to the strength of our immune systems.
We fight stuff off naturally rather than artificially
and never have the viruses directly injected into our systems as with vaccines.

Long intro.
When we start to feel sick or are already sick
this is what we do...

1. When we have sore throats, colds, coughs etc.
hot tea with lemon and honey is great.
2. Yep that's breastmilk.
Us mamas call it liquid gold but breastmilk is also like Jesus juice.
Seriously. It cures EVERYTHING.
We have used it for pink eye - like put it IN THE EYE people.
 When I was nursing Jett I even gave some to Jaymin in a sippy cup
when he was really sick one time.
I brought him the cup and watched and waited...
He took a swig and said, "is this chocolate milk mom?"
Then he slammed it down and asked for more, ha!
I've also read that breastmilk can cure baby acne, eczema, all kinds of things!
3. Honey also has a lot of healing properties.
Be sure to get pure RAW honey which I believe means it hasn't been boiled
therefore it still contains those natural properties.
I've also heard that eating honey that was made in your area
can help with local allergies. You know, since the bees make the honey from local flowers/plants.
4. Dr. Tichenor's antiseptic mouthwash.
Man I hated this stuff as a kid.
My dad would make us gargle with it for sore throats.
And now I force myself to do it. ;)
It's extremely concentrated and must be diluted and it tastes terrible but it works.
We also keep it on hand for canker sores.
5. Alka Seltzer Gold.
I did a post on this when I was preggo.
It works great for heartburn and indigestion.
One time I thought I was going to have to take my husband to the emergency room
because he was in so much stomach pain after our dinner date.
I thought his appendix was bursting or something!
He told me to keep heading to my parent's house {to pick up our kids}
and when we got there my dad made him drink some and within in 20 minutes
his pains subsided and he couldn't believe it.
6. Vitamin C - boosts the immune system.
We take it regularly and take extra when we're sick.
7. Garlic.
Garlic also supports the immune system.
We eat a ton of it anyway but always take garlic capsules
when we start to feel sick or are sick already.
I think the garlic oil capsules are more effective but this is what I had on hand.
8. My prenatal vitamins.
This is just a really good brand that my dad recommends.
I should be taking them while nursing but I forget a lot.
When I'm sick I make sure to take them just for the extra nutrients and boost.
9. Probiotics.
Yay! Something we do that has finally become mainstream!
Most people know about and take probiotics these days.
If you don't, they're just a healthy bacteria.
Most viruses start in the gut so taking probiotics can help the body fight them off where they originated.

Not shown here is a "cocktail" my husband and I sometimes make
consisting of orange juice and pomegranate juice.
Orange for the vitamin C and pomegranate for the antioxidants.
Blueberries are also high in antioxidants.
There's also a peppermint pictured.
Peppermint can sooth upset tummies.
Jett went through a period of time as a baby
when he would have tummy aches every single night.
I would make a calming tea (like chamomile), dissolve a peppermint in it
and put it in a bottle for him.
I had kinda forgotten that this kiddo has had digestive issues
since day one of solid foods. :(

So there ya go.
I think the only time any of my children have ever had any antibiotics
was when Jett had a very severe eye infection when he was a really little baby.
It went from ok to horrible in about 12 hours
and we didn't want to mess with damaging his eyesight or possibly
causing a brain infection.

I hope this info is helpful!
I'm definitely not going to pretend that I know everything about the human body
and homeopathic health care. This is just what I've been taught or what I've read myself
but I love learning more about both subjects 
and making the best decisions I can for me and my family. :)

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