Jia's nursery.

June 8, 2012

I'm going to do something I almost never do.
Post something before its finished.
But really, it's pretty much there.
There are 2 things missing from Jia's room and both are out of my hands.
And I'm tired of waiting. :)

You can check out my pinterest board here to see how I got started
and where I got all my ideas.

So, without further ado, here is my precious baby girl's room...

We painted the walls the perfect shade of peach.
I love how warm and girly it is without being outright PINK.
This is my handprint when I was 5 years old.
My mom just recently gave it to me and I went right home and hung it in Jia's room. :)
I had Jaymin (5) put his hand on it and its hilarious to see his fingers overlap the edges. :)
This is now the crib that all 3 of my babes have slept in.
That beautiful crocheted blanket is from a sweet woman in our church
who makes them for all the new babies.
She is a very busy woman. :)
 I made the mobile by spray painting a wire frame from Hobby Lobby,
punching out butterflies from scrapbook paper I had on hand and
then sewing them together and tying to the frame.
I'm not gonna lie.
This project took FOREVER.
And then my child destroyed it.
Shortly after hanging it, and catching Jett's eye apparently,
he was being way too quiet and I found him in Jia's room
ripping it to shreds after pulling it out of the ceiling.
I almost cried.
Okay, I cussed and then almost cried.
My sweet hubby and I spent an evening untangling and fixing it.
I love how it looks but it is seriously a pain.
But I just couldn't buy one of these and then still have to assemble it.
And I think I'm a little obsessed with "DIY"...
{Jia's 1 week photos. :)}
For the banner I printed off her name and used it as a stencil for fabric and HeatNBond.
Then stitched the little pennants over pink cording.
Simple and love. :)
This little cabinet was mine and before that it was my great grandma's.
I've been hanging onto it for years
hoping to one day use it in my own daughter's room.
And here we are. :)
It was stained a dark brown but I really wanted it to have a more whimsical feel,
so I spray painted it green - a new favorite shade!
And...of course...distressed it a bit.

This sweet little silver cup was a gift from Jia's great grandma, Granny Lucy.
It's engraved with her name and birthday. :)
oval frame - antique store find, painted & distressed.
fabric hoops - holding my current favorite fabrics.
photo frames - hobby lobby, spray painted and
holding maternity & newborn photos, both of which were taken in this very room. Love that. :)
The lamp stand is from Jett's nursery (& Jay's before that)
and I used those awesome sticky lamp shades to make this ruffle shade.
I'm kind of obsessed with coral right now.
Coral pants, coral nail polish, coral makeup.
And apparently I think it's necessary for Jia to have multiple coral colored headbands.
Originally the blue scrolly frame was going to be for Jia's hairbows
but I've made all headbands for her and just got tired of clipping them to it.
It works great as a picture & memory holder too
so I use this iron butterfly basket thing for headbands.
I've had it for years and just spray painted it yellow.
Remember when I posted Jett's room
and said, if I have a girl someday I'll reuse the dresser and just change out the knobs?
Well, there ya go.
The rocking chair that was a gift from Jeff's parents when Jay was on the way.
And handmade pillows.
The ruffle one - simple, easy.
The yo-yo one - simple, but took many many evenings
in front of the tv watching Jersey Shore Dateline to complete.
But I'm pretty much in love with it so it was worth it.
And then the owl...
These are things that I do that make my friends shake their heads at me...
So...I saw a cute owl pillow I liked, sketched out my own pattern,
used my ol' pal HeatNBond again and there you have it. :)
It was actually less time consuming than the yo-yos. :)
Don't get excited.
This is not hanging in Jia's room...yet.
Isn't it GORG??
This is like the main inspiration for her room.
I really wanted it for the wall behind her rocking chair
so I bought the pattern and have been attempting embroidery.
I love hand stitching, always have, but I seriously don't know how to embroider!
The included directions show you how to do each stitch but yeah...whatever.
So. This is the first missing item.
It's going to take me SO long to finish it, it really will be a labor of love,
but I think it will be a really neat keepsake for her...if I could just get past the letter A...

And the final item needed is this rug I ordered from Urban Outfitters...
It should be here, oh, by the times she's 18 and moving out.
This room has been such a fun project for me.
Sometimes I still can't believe I have a little girl.
I really thought I'd be raising a brood of all boys.
But God must have thought I'd explode if I didn't release some feminine creative energy. :)
And I've definitely been able to do that. Now its time for some smaller projects.
...oh wait, she is going to have a 1st birthday party in about 8 months... ;)


audrey said...

You are amazing! I love all the little details...Crafty McCrafterson!

amy D said...

oh my goodness, i just love everything about this room!!! you did a fantastic job :)
also, i have seen that alphabet embroidery and would absolutely LOVE to do it, but i'm not sure i have the patience! labor of love is definitely the right term! :) :)

{cancer}+{pisces} said...

i love this room and i LOVE the wall color -- what paint color is it? thanks!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful room!! may I ask what paint color you used? Also, where did you get the bedding & curtains?

Jacci in Ohio said...

Your baby girl's room is so sweet! I love the little personal touches... your hand print... your great grandma's whatnot.

I think my mouth fell open when I saw the whatnot. I have the *exact* same one in my baby girl's room! The only difference is that ours has two extra pieces of decorative wood on top on either side of the center finial. Did yours used to?

I haven't posted my daughter's room pics because I'm waiting to get it a little more "done". A few Christmas gifts we're expecting should do the trick :)

I've enjoyed reading through your blog a bit tonight. Fun to "meet" your sweet little family.


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