her first date.

June 5, 2012

I love the concept of father/daughter dances.
Dads teaching their daughters how they should be treated by men.
Instilling that in girls now so when they reach dating age
they have high expectations and standards that they stick to.
And its never too early to start, right?... :)
Jia Rose attended her first dance this past Saturday.
And her handsome date even wore his pink shirt for the occasion. :)
 I'm in love with her.
 And him. :)
Jia's such a squirmy thing these days
so I usually have to settle for slightly blurry photos.
(And she's rolling over!)
And those hands are constantly in her mouth.
I'm worried she's already trying to get teeth!
Her dress was a shower gift from my dear friend
and was just perfect for the occasion.
And of course her mama had to make sure she was properly accessorized. ;)
I am absolutely in love with all the adorable baby shoes & booties
that are all over etsy, especially these,
but just can't justify the expense for something she'll grow out of in 5 minutes.
So...I improvise. ;)
I bought these on etsy for $8,
replaced the buttons with pearls, snipped of the crocheted flowers
and added my own.
And walla.
A similar effect.
(Have I mentioned I'm having a blast?)


Jami Nato said...

why did this make me tear up? first date? adorable child? so sweet.

bandofbrothers said...

what a perfectly precious baby girl! those blue eyes! my goodness!

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