father's day camping.

June 19, 2012

So my husband wanted to go camping again this year for Father's Day.
With a broken rib.
And our 4 month old baby.
And rain in the forecast.
I mentioned these things...subtly...but he still wanted to go.
So I said, "Ok. Happy father's day. This is your gift. ...no seriously."
Cause let's face it. Camping is 90% work and 10% play with 3 small children.

We went to Truman Lake this time in Clinton, MO
and got to our campsite around lunchtime on Saturday.
And this is the first time I notice Jaymin's shoes.
He told me he was "two face" at home and I laughed and said "good one".
Apparently he wanted to be two face all weekend long.

It was super hot when we got there but our friends had a nice setup with plenty of shade.
But Jetty still needed a little help keeping cool. ;)

After lunch we all went out on the boat.
And I took Jia.
Just call me "mother of the year". ;)

Aaaand wanting to keep that title I let my 2 year old go tubing with our friend Brandon.

And apparently it is a Hatfield family tradition to be stormed on
every. time. we camp.
So after dinner we watched the clouds roll in and braced ourselves.
We didn't end up having a ton of wind and rain but the thunder and lighting
sounded like it was splitting the earth in two.

 But somehow the boys managed to fall asleep and stay asleep.
Even with their air mattress deflating during the night.
Jeff and I slept pretty poorly
(broken rib + air mattress = no bueno) oh yeah, and we forgot pillows
 and we kept checking on the boys to make sure they weren't being suffocated
by the deflated air mattress.
And really, even light rain on a nylon tent sounds like golf ball sized hail.
 But we survived!
And we didn't go home or check in to the Bucksaw "Resort"!
And baby girl slept great!
We made breakfast, the boys went fishing and we took the boat out one more time
and then packed up and headed home, dirty and exhausted.
That's probably my favorite thing about camping...
The shower and good night sleep afterwards! :)

Happy Father's Day Jeffrey Scott!
You are the only man I would camp for!
Love you. :)

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amy D said...

wow, you are brave!! my idea of camping would definitely be "roughing" it in a trailer, lol! you did it, tent and all! :) way to go!!

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