birthday wish list.

June 26, 2012

With the impending arrival of my 30th birthday lurking just around the corner
I thought I would share a fun little birthday wish list like I did last year.
Click the photos for the link.
I've had my eye on this beautiful hobnail pitcher from anthropologie
since I first stepped foot in the store.
I admire and lovingly caress it each time I see it.
Yes, I'm still talking about a glass pitcher...

How cute is this mason jar dispenser from Pottery Barn??
I need a new one and am waiting for this one to go on sale...more on sale that is.

 The earrings above and bracelet below are both from the Noonday Collection.
I first heard of this awesome company last year and these are the 2 items
I added to my mental wish list.
And the finale...

Our 7 year old computer has been dying a slow and painful death.
It's time to say goodbye...
...and hand it down to our children where it will endure even more abuse.
You thought I was going to be merciful to the poor thing didn't you? ;)
Anyway, I would LOVE an husband on the other hand...
not a huge fan of apple. I know. I don't know what's wrong with him either.
He especially doesn't like the price
so I doubt we will be getting such a beautiful piece of machinery.
...then again, I did end up getting last year's big ticket item. ;)

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