a successful disaster.

May 24, 2012

Last weekend my baby {almost 19-year-old}sister
graduated from high school.
This amazes me as I witnessed her being brought forth into the world.
I love her dearly and I love how our relationship has changed,
and continues to change, over time.
First I was her babysitter.
Then her "cool" (maybe?) big sister.
And now we're friends.
I keep telling her to hurry up and get married and have kids
so we can finally be in the same stage of life. ;)
She then proceeds to laugh {a little too hard...}as she watches me 
change poopy diapers, break up fights and wipe spit up off my shirt
then she returns to her texting, hair flipping and "I have too many boys chasing after me" drama.
Oh darlin'...someday it shall be I that is the one laughing... ;)

Back to business.
An accomplishment such as this is one to be celebrated, no?
And being that my parents know half the state,
things like this are never small in our family.
So my mom, sister and I started planning.
I really thought we should have a theme (duh) cause it helps you make decisions.
And I thought it should be fun, youthful and a reflection of Cassie.
And right now she is loving all things neon and half her closet is Roxy brand.
Thus, a theme was born.
And this was my vision...

But that...is not what transpired.

My parents have an awesome sunroom that's in between the deck and the kitchen
so we designated that as the food area.
We cleared out the furniture & lined the room with tables.
It was airy and bright and worked great for the flow of people.
Then we set up the drinks and entry table out on the deck.
My mom and her extended family worked liked maniacs making tons of food
which we were still putting out and setting up when guests started to arrive.
Which, in my book, is a huge no-no.
I used to be really bad about this but I've worked really hard at allotting myself
plenty of time for set up because having 10 to 15 minutes
for perfecting and photographing is crucial.
And that is exactly what we did not have with this party.
Vegetables were thrown about haphazardly
{rather than gently cascading down the platters 
- like a vegetable waterfall if you will - 
per my mother's abilities and vision}
Half the dips were forgotten about.
Who knows what ended up in the drink concoctions.
Just craziness I tell you.
Once the party starts, what can you do but laugh about it and have a good time.
Which is exactly what we did.
The food was devoured in what seemed like minutes.
And we all just enjoyed my parents beautiful backyard and the amazing weather
we didn't think we'd get (due to forcasted thunderstorms and then crazy wind).
There was basketball, volleyball, ping pong, the tree house, porch swing and live music.

 So what did I learn from this experience?

350 people is a lot.
A lot to feed. A lot to park. A lot to talk to.

Hiring a caterer is not such a terrible idea.

4 days of set up is not enough for a party this size.
Always bring my other lenses when shooting an event.
I've been so excited about my mother's day gift
I've been trying to use it for everything and I've learned
its just not the right fit for everything I need to shoot.
That and I'm not used to it yet.
So there were a lot of things I couldn't photograph
(or photograph correctly)
because I couldn't get back far enough.
Rookie mistake.
Lesson learned.

Here are me and my 5 siblings (plus my hubby)...
I used to think we had a big family...
now there are 20 in my immediate family.
Go big or go home right?
Apparently that's how the Fulks do it. ;)

Congratulations Cassandra Brianne!
Proverbs 3:5-6


Allison said...

And this is what you call a not so successful party.........riiiight. You are ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as your sister and her modelicious beauty. :) Btw-we need to get together for some playdates and lunch this summer at your mom's, my kids would be in HEAVEN in that backyard!

Leanne said...

I agree with Allison...it still looks amazing! Although, I LOVE your color theme you chose...you'll have to use that for something! And, do you spend every day of the summer at your parents house because it is AMAZING! That backyard/patio is awesome!

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