more than mother's day.

May 15, 2012

Lately my husband has been really awesome.
I mean, I married a great guy so that's not so crazy
but I guess I've just felt super thankful for him lately.

A couple of days ago we were having a fairly serious discussion
just about life and the choices people make
and I'm not going to go into too much detail but basically 
he just made me feel really beautiful & desired
and that I was his top choice/first pick/number one - whatever you want to call it.
And in that moment I felt so lucky.
I mean, to be someone's number one?
Like, they don't want to be with any one else but YOU?
How great is that?
Especially after 10 years.

Then a couple of nights ago
we crawled into bed
- practically catatonic as usual -
and I slumped right down on my pillow ready to pass out
then looked over to see him doing this...
And I couldn't help but think, "what a beautiful sight."
My big strong man.
Deep in prayer.
With God's Word laying before him.
It makes my heart swell with thankgiving
that my husband, the leader of our home & family,
wants to guide us with strength and wisdom
and therefore he seeks God's counsel and Word.

And then a few days ago, out of the blue,
he sent me the following text message...
(he's gonna kill me for sharing but I want to remember!)
 I told him he didn't need to get me a Mother's Day card
because this is exactly what I would have wanted it to say anyway. :)
It's so funny cause he'll send me messages like this
randomly and out of the blue
but when he buys me a card and has to think of something to write in it,
its not even close. :)
If I had to choose,
I'd take a heartfelt text message over a Hallmark card any day.

I just wanted to remind MYSELF what a great guy I had
cause sometimes when you've been with someone for so long
you start to nitpick and only see their flaws when you look at them.
 And there's so much more to my man than his "quirks". :)

So I had a really great Mother's Day this year.
I got an amazing gift first thing in the morning...
{man, he's good!}
Something I had been wanting for my camera and was saving for.
Went to church with my 3 beautiful chillins and sweet hubby
then to Nordstrom Cafe for lunch.
Home for naps and then my sweet tooth settled in
so we ended up here...
 My cupcake is not pictured
as I stuffed it into my face as quickly as possible.

I didn't change one diaper or wash one dish!
What a great day!
Thanks to the man that made me a mother
and then took care of our offspring for one whole day.
{except for nursing Jia...I still had to do that.}

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