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May 5, 2012

So rather than blogging and reading the 117 unread blog posts in my google reader
I have been up to my elbows this week
in sick children, diapers, messes, dishes, school drama,
and all nighters (with a screaming toddler, not partying it up).
So guess what.
I missed my two posts this week
and am blogging on Saturday.
Cause my hubby is home and I have like 5 seconds of silence someone not needing me.
They're too busy wrestling with dad.
...and getting hurt by the sound of it.

So (let's see if I can start every paragraph with "so". It's like my favorite word.)
the American diet has been weighing heavily on my heart and mind... 
I say heart too because I believe eating right is part of our spiritual walk.
Scripture says that our bodies are God's temple and we should treat them as such.
Keeping them pure in all ways.
With SO MANY nutritional opinions, theories and philosophies
swirling around our society these days it's hard to know really what we're supposed to do.
My dad is my main source for information on healthy living and he too
is constantly changing his tune depending on the literature he is reading.
But I think I've finally come to my own conclusion.
We need to be eating the way God intended when he first created us,
the land we live on and the plants and animals we consume.
But if you look at the American people and their diet...
we are so unbelievably far from that, 
putting chemicals, pesticides, hormones, preservatives and on and on into our food.
How do we even BEGIN to get back?...

I was raised in a pretty healthy household.
My dad is a chiropractor who believes in a holistic approach to healthcare.
My mom was raised on a farm in western kansas 
and pretty much makes everything from scratch.
And my older brother was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes
when we were kids so diet became a very big priority in our home.
All of our beef came from my mom's farm
where the cows were free range and organically raised.
We drank purified water.
Never had pop in the house.
Never had fast food, etc. etc.

Now that I'm a mom with my own chillins to raise
I try to do the best I can with the knowledge and resources I have.
I try not to be influenced by fad diets
but sometimes we should pay attention to new discoveries.
I think we can all agree (or maybe not?) that processed food is bad for you.
Really bad.
Like, you're killing your body.
Dramatic? Maybe.
True? Probably.
So we eat as little as sanely (for me, as the preparer of food) possible.
But something I have, until now, given very little thought to is gluten.

With gluten-free being somewhat of a trend right now
I didn't pay much attention to it.
Not that I didn't believe in it, just that I thought it was mostly 
for people with a gluten allergy.
Well, more and more of my friends have been going gluten-free 
to help with all kinds of issues.
Behavioral problems, ADD, developmental issues, 
I'm sure you've heard parents swear by it for autism, etc.
So I asked my personal dietitian and physician,
I said, "dad, what is the big deal? Why are so many parents going gluten-free?
What does gluten do to us?"
And he said, "well, gluten blah blah blah blee blee blah
(medical mumbo jumbo I don't understand)
...and it can cause leaky gut syndrome."
Something clicked in my brain.
My child.
Yeah, the nasty one.

The one with digestive issues.
The one who has never had a solid bowel movement in his 2 years of existence.
That one.
Maybe just maybe his body can't break down gluten properly.
Maybe removing gluten from his diet would help his tummy
and turn his horrendous diapers into normal gross diapers!
(Cue the hallelujah choir!)

So we're trying it.
For a month.
(Because it takes a long time for something you've been eating
to work its way completely out of your system. )
Jeff & Jett are officially gluten-free.
Except for last Sunday when Jeff and I TOTALLY spaced and they ate donuts at church.
And when Jeff sneaks it when he's out of my sight. Aka. all day every day.
Jeff's doing it too because recently he has had way too many stomach aches
for no good reason and I'm tired of hearing him complain.
I mean, I LOVE him and don't want him to be in pain any longer! ;)
He also had celiacs as a baby.

We're actually about half way through right now.
Jeff seems to feel better.'s hard to tell.
He's hungry all the time it seems.
Which is probably a good sign.
I think his body is breaking down his food faster & better now.
His diapers might be a little better but I'm not ready to commit to any conclusion yet.
I'll give my final report in a couple of weeks.
I'm sure you'll be on the edge of your seat. ;)

Side note:
Jett had hand foot and mouth disease this week.
Gross, I know.
Jaymin had it too around this age.
Apparently there's a huge outbreak in schools & churches right now.
But the kid kept asking for milk.
And since he was eating and drinking practically NOTHING
I let him have whatever he would ask for.
Turns out milk is supposed to help sooth the mouth sores.
And, bonus, my parents got some raw milk this week
and let me have some for Jett.
Which means he was putting the good stuff (some even believe its like medicine)
with REAL probiotics directly onto the sores in his mouth.
No joke. The next morning they were practicality gone
and Jett said "no more ouchy." :)
Just a little raw milk plug for ya.
I'm becoming more and more of a believer.
Soon we'll have our own dairy cow and hen house in the backyard.

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Jami Nato said...

i thought it takes 3 months to see if gluten free works? ha...oh well. anyway, excited to see if it helps! and perhaps it won't...but you tried!

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