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April 27, 2012

Yesterday I was thrilled to find out that the fabulous party blog Love The Day
featured the ice cream party I did!
Check it out here.
 In other news...
Jia Rose is getting cuter by the day!
Did I just say that outloud?
Yes, I did.
And I'm not ashamed cause I know we were all thinkin' it. ;)
Here's the last couple of weeks via instagram...
  Bathtub rockstar.
Time for a haircut?
I think not. ;)
 Cuddling with daddy after his long weekend away.
 Such daddy's boys.
We're expecting quadruplets right outside our backdoor.
...and try not to get our heads pecked every time we open it.
Mama Robin does NOT like us so close to her babes.
I mean...how can you NOT love her?
 Her big brothers are SUPER helpful around here...
 Jetty thought she needed his elmo while she napped.
I'm just happy its not a pillow over her face.
 Jaymin drew a family portrait of us...
Apparently I will forever be the pregnant mama in his eyes.
And baby girl with a bandaid covering a nonexistent injury.
She cried pretty hard when I took it off. :(

Happy Friday!!

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