finding peace. on easter.

April 10, 2012

Well, hello!
I apologize for my unintentional blog break.
Lately I haven't had a whole lot to blog about!
Sad, huh?
I'm working like a crazy woman but have nothing to show for it...yet. ;)

First up today, a little housekeeping...

I've made some changes around this little blog o' mine.
Nothing crazy, just a little freshening up.
It will probably be a work in progress since I have like 2 minutes
at a time to work on fun things. :)

Last week Jaymin and Jett's bedroom was featured on Apartment Therapy!
You might remember it as Oh Dee Doh. :)
I was super stoked.
Check it out here.

I have loved reading everyone's Easter posts
and the way God is working in their hearts this year.
And I love that the theme of death and resurrection
has a different & special meaning to each person.

Lately I have felt quite overwhelmed
with the responsibilities and obligations of being a mother of three.
The never ending piles of laundry.
The never ending filth and clutter.
The never ending suppers to make.
The never ending dishes to do and diapers to change.
While this poor little blog gets neglected
and my pile of craft projects gets bigger and bigger.

I've been irritated with how little time I've had to spend in the Word
and in prayer preparing for such a special time of year
and was even irritated Easter morning
that I had to meet the demands of my newborn
rather than listen to the message at church and focus on God and God alone.
I even felt like I had to apologize to Him for not being able to give Him all of me.
But it's times like these when I'm reminded by others
that this is just a season of life and one that passes all too quickly.

This weekend we had three Easters in 24 hours
{plus a 30th birthday party and a bridal shower}.
Tell me about it.
Having three sets of parents is hard
but family is important to us so we make it work.
I had an emotional moment on Sunday,
probably a combination of postpartum hormones,
feeling overwhelmed with my duties as a mother, and issues from the past.
But I love what Jami wrote
about finding our identity in Christ and in who HE is
and gaining confidence from HIM rather than from affirmation from others.

We as women ask ourselves all too often questions like:
Am I pretty enough?
Am I good enough?
Am I loved?

And I'm so thankful I can say:
Yes, because I belong to Christ.
Yes, because Christ died for me.
Yes, oh how He loves me.
Even if I had no one else in the world
I could still answer those questions the same way
and that gives me such a tremendous peace,
a peace that nothing else on earth can re-create.
And that is why we celebrate.

Come back on Thursday for a full Easter accounting. :)

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Leanne said...

Love the new look, your honesty, and you!!!

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