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March 15, 2012

I thought I would provide a little background
on miss Jia's name since you all were so wonderful
in providing suggestions when we were at a loss. :)

I really struggled to come up with another girl "J" name
that I liked as much as Jemma.
I just LOVED that name and couldn't think of anything else.
But while mourning her, I felt God directing me to some scripture
and thought maybe He was telling me to name our next child
(boy or girl) Jasper.
That was the name I was pretty stuck on
but Jeff was not a fan.
And I just cannot name my child something that my husband doesn't like.
Granted, he doesn't help much with suggestions and ideas
but he DOES give his opinion when he does or does not like something. :)
And in all honesty, I wasn't quite sure if that was really my baby's name.
{This is why we don't name our children until birth!! I'm so indecisive!!}
That's when I called on the help
of friends, family, fellow bloggers and blog readers. :)
So Jia was a suggestion from a friend of mine on facebook
and it was the only name I hadn't heard/thought of that wasn't an instant "no".
So I casually mentioned it to my husband
and waited for him to veto it.
Much to my surprise he was like, "hmm...I kind of like that!"
So we started mulling it over and I started researching it.
{Cause that's what I do.}

Jia Rose
{pronounced JEE-uh}
originally spelled Gia
is Italian and means
"God is gracious"

Whoa. Now that's a sign.
I mean, could God have been any more gracious
in gifting us this beautiful baby girl?
He gives and takes away.
Blessed be His name.
{Jia - 4 weeks today}

I don't know how I came up with Rose.
But it sounded old and vintage
and my great grandma Margaret whom I adored
always loved roses as did my Grandma Jan
and both meant so much to me growing up.
And again, Jeff really liked it and thought it sounded vintage too.
I think he even used that word. ;)
I couldn't believe it - two for two!

So we pretty much knew that we had found our name,
and the more we said it and the closer we got to baby's arrival
the more we knew. :)
Jeff even took a pretty big risk {in my opinion!} and ordered
her name for my Vintage Pearl mama necklace weeks before we had her.
Then I saw her and that was her name.
And I love it.

The end. :)


Jami Nato said...

such a sweet name

Alaythea said...

My daughter's name is Gianna and it too means God is Gracious. I chose it because it's the Italian for of the name Jane which was my grandmother's name. She was living at the time of Gianna's birth but has since passed away and so her name is even more special to me. We actually thought about changing the spelling to Jianna but people have enough issues with Gianna so I'm kinda glad we stayed with the G!

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