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March 13, 2012

Did you ever see that SNL skit with Mike Meyers?
Love him. :)

Before I dive into today's post
I just HAVE to share...
I didn't even realize it until a couple of days ago but
the bridal shower my sisters & I threw for my new sister-in-law
was featured on the Love The Day party blog!!
What!?!? I know, right?? :)
So pumped about that.
Check it out here.

I know the school year is going to start winding down
pretty quickly now that its spring break
and I've already seen some papers and projects
make their way home as a result.

I was going through Jaymin's backpack the other day
and found these {hilarious} drawings he did at school.
He has "centers" that he always tells me about
and I'm thinking at one of the centers
maybe they're supposed to write their name
and then draw a picture of anything they want?
These look like they were pulled out of a notebook or journal maybe.

Anyway, I thought I better document them
in case something happens to the hard copies. :)
Did you all forget I had other children?
I know its been a bit of a Jia-fest around here lately
{and its still not over ;) }
so I thought I'd give you a break from her preciousness. :)
This first drawing is of Jaymin's "DS" and it was done in early January...
The reason its so funny
is because Jaymin did not in fact get a DS for Christmas.
We just could not justify 200 bucks for a 5-year-old's Christmas present.
Its kind of funny {sad?} though because we've had
lots of conversations about it since Christmas...
"mom, why didn't Santa bring what was on my list?"
"well honey, Santa knows what's best for you
and he brought you other cool gifts."
face here.}
I just thought this one was sweet.
"My dad. He is saying hi to me when he is home from work."
Which is basically the boys' favorite part of the day.
And I'm not even jealous a little bit. :)
This one is for my dad.
"I drew my grandpa and he went in reverse
and pulled out a tree in his yard."
My kids love their grandpa.
And I love that he's always doing something with heavy equipment
that my boys find fascinating. :)
Loooove {singing that word} this one.
Yep. That's me.
With my big prego belly. ;)
This one is just sweet.
Jaymin drew himself, Jett and his little sister.
All at the appropriate heights. :)
This one...yeah...
This one makes me nervous for what he tells his teachers...
You know, every parent has that fear.
Jaymin asks A LOT of questions around here
and I ALWAYS answer them.
But I try to do so at his appropriate age/maturity level.
But he's very open & social and remembers EVERYTHING
{even conversations we wish he hadn't overhead
and definitely wish he didn't remember. :) }
Anyway, its a good thing I adore his teachers
and have gotten to know them over this year. :)
"This is my mommy saying goodbye to my daddy."
Not really sure why I'm upside down...
And finally,
this is a drawing that I GUARANTEE my husband
did at some point in school to get out of the assignment.
"an invisible something"
Uh-huh. Guess someone didn't feel like drawing that day... :-P
Jay on "Cat in the hat" day. :)

Okay. Fine.
A little dose of Jia for your viewing pleasure. ;)

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emily anderson said...

these are so funny.

"an invisible something". sure it is jaymin, sure it is.

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