the birth of jia

March 8, 2012

Well, I'm finally taking a moment
to write and share the story of how Jia came to be.
I will say that I was not thrilled
with how long she took to come into our world.
I expected a quick delivery like I had with Jett,
I mean, I earned it right?, being that she IS my third...
But I guess that's not how it works.
And frankly, it was a weird labor.
Not at all what I expected.
It was strangely similar to Jaymin's but with a shorter active labor.
Okay, I'll just start from the beginning...The morning of Wednesday February 15th I had a doctor's appointment
and had gone back and forth over whether or not
I should have my midwife, Jeane, strip my membranes.
I was 39 weeks (and a day I think) and dilated to a 4.
This whole pregnancy I wanted to go into labor naturally
without any interference whatsoever.
Well, once I hit the 39 week mark and nothing was happening, I folded.
I guess I was spoiled from having babies at 38 1/2 & 39 weeks.{like my post labor hair? Its the next big thing.}

So my midwife went ahead and stripped my membranes
but she wasn't real optimistic about it starting labor.
She just wasn't sure my body was quite ready.
But I guess that's the whole thing about stripping membranes...
If you're ready, it works,
if you're not, it doesn't.
So after she told me that I was like,
okay, we're not having a baby for awhile,
I'm not going to mess with it anymore.
So I went home and did absolutely nothing.
I took a nap, I sat on the couch, etc.,
which is the complete opposite of what I did with Jett.{my sweet midwife - love her!}

Well, that evening I start having fairly consistent contractions.
And by 10:30pm they're getting closer & stronger
and I can't sit down anymore.
So we call.
And head to the hospital around 1:30am.
It takes awhile to get checked in and set up
and my midwife breaks my water at 2:45am
(and we found out baby girl did in fact have hair ;) ).
And then we wait...
And walk...
And wait...
And walk...
My progress was steady but slow.I used the exercise ball a lot
and towards the end, hung on Jeff through contractions.
It was so difficult laboring through the night because I was so exhausted.
At one point I took a short nap in the bed,
and then as I was getting closer to transition
and hanging on and swaying with Jeff,
I actually fell asleep after a contraction
standing up and he had to catch me!
I don't ever remember being more exhausted in my life!
About 6am I started making pushing noises
even though I didn't think I was pushing.
At 7:15am I was a +2 or +3, 90% effaced and dilated to a 9.
And Jeane realized I had a "lip" or "shelf" in my cervix
that just didn't want to dilate.
(Just like my labor with Jaymin!)
So she shoves it aside, {FREAKING OUCH!!}
boom, baby girl comes down and I push twice,
as hard as I can, and screamed,
and she was finally here at 7:19am.It was crazy painful and ridiculously long {in my opinion} for a third baby
but once she was HERE, and crying
{oh, how I longed to hear that baby girl cry!!}
it of course, was all worth it. :)

I couldn't help but be a little disappointed in myself though.
I probably shouldn't have stripped my membranes.
I probably should have labored longer at home,
maybe tried to go to bed that night.
I should have fought the nervousness and anxiety that overcame me
once we were checked into the hospital.
Which I think was from not being sure if my body was ready,
being nervous about a possibly long labor,
anxiety related to Jemma,
and possibly anxiety about this maybe being my last baby.
Jeane thought my mental state was definitely affecting my labor
and that frustrated me even more.
Especially because I felt so in control with Jett.
And I feel so strongly about mind over matter and staying "in yourself".
But I guess there was so much more baggage linked to this pregnancy.
Bottom line is,
she's here,
she's safe,
she's healthy,
and I still had an all natural, drug-free birth.
I can nitpick my delivery to death
but its not going to change anything.
And that's okay.On a more positive note,
my recovery has been super fast (which, it usually is),
and I pretty much felt back to normal 5 to 7 days after delivery.
Which is awesome considering my life has not slowed down at all. :)

Here are some fun photos of the boys meeting Jia...
The day after she was born,
Daddy picked up Jaymin from school and took him to a special lunch.
Then Jay got to come to the hospital by himself for the afternoon.
I guess the tv was more entertaining than his new sister. ;)
Jia Rose wore the same outfit home that I did.
It says "take me home" - hilarious and so "80's". :)
I love it. :)

She's 3 weeks today.
And more beautiful than ever. :)


Janet Field said...

Thanks so much Chels for posting your birth story. I was waiting! Sounds like you did a beautiful job every step of the way. We make the best choices for our babies and ourselves and then take what we get right?! God's always the one with the Plan, even when we have our own ideas. Your daughter is beautiful. I don't know who was taking pictures but the ones of Jeff and Jia are especially touching. Looking forward to watching your family grow year by year (I'm talking about the kids you already have!). Love, Janet

Jami Nato said...

that's so great that she wore the same outfit home! and i don't get it about nit picking your labor. your labor accomplished a baby!

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