week 1.

February 23, 2012

I'm back with just a few photos documenting Jia's first week of life.
And yes, most are Instagram photos
as my phone is much more handy than my camera these days. :)
Oh, and I know there might be some question in the pronunciation
of her name...its pronounced Jee-uh.
Dozing in the hospital.
First bath at home - she loved it. :)
Pretty pink flowers from Jia admirers. :)
My baby monkey.
Our first park outing.
Big{est} brother has asked to hold her a ton this week.
He's so sweet with her and is a great helper to me!
Hand-me-down outfit from her cousin Hayley.
And one of the many, many bows her mother has made her. :)
Napping with Papa.
My hubby's parents were with us a few days before she was born
and a few days after to help us out.
They just left yesterday so I am officially ON MY OWN.
Jia's first public appearance - my sister Cassie's basketball Senior night!
She loved it. ;)
And was quite the hit. :)
And lastly, Jia helping me craft. :)

My baby girl is only a week old
but I am so absolutely smitten with her I almost can't stand it.
Remember when I was worried about having a girl?
It makes me laugh now. :)
I love her just like I loved my boys when they were born
but now I have a baby doll to accessorize! ;)

Life is definitely "interesting" right now as we are making this transition
into a new normal but I'm going to do my best to find time to blog!

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Anonymous said...

she is Jia-ust perfect!

peggy b

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