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February 9, 2012

Things are a bit sloooowww
right now in the Hatfield household...
I'm still pregnant.
Its stinkin' cold outside.
Not a lot on the ol' schedge.
So I thought I'd share my week in instagram photos.
With their original captions.
Enjoy. :)"This is what he was doing when I got in the shower... When I got OUT, he was outside."
{Sunday morning. We sent daddy and Jay to church and I stayed home with little man who had been coughing all night. We have since installed a chain lock on our front door.}
"Discussing the construction of grandpa's new bridge."
{Sunday afternoon at gma and gpa's. Love Jay's intensity.}
"too lazy to bake = no bake cookies"
{Monday night.}
"What a gloomy day..."
{Tuesday afternoon.}
"Run, my children. Run your little freaking hearts out."
{Tuesday night at the gym. We had been home allllll day. I had no energy left, they had too much.}
"Just couldn't. Quite. Make it."
A few weeks ago,
Jaymin had a little assessment at school
and I was so impressed with how he did and what the teacher wrote
I thought I'd blog it so its documented.
Heaven knows its only a matter of time before I lose the papers.
Ok fine, throw them away in a purging spree.Characteristics of 4's and 5's
Scoring: Age Appropriate or Needs Development

Jaymin scored Age Appropriate on all categories:
Social Skills
Language Skills
Cognitive Skills
Fine Motor Skills
Gross Motor Skills
Creative Skills

Special notes in:
Social Skills:
"great mediator/problem solving", "very independent"
Cognitive Skills: recognized 26/26 upper case letters
recognized 25/26 lower case letters
recognized 20/20 numbers to 20
he also knew my phone number & our house number

Teacher's Note:
Jaymin has been a joy to have in my class. He is completely ready for kindergarten from the top of his head all the way to his toes. :) He is going to do great. You gave him a sweet gift by giving him an extra year to grow - a gift you will never regret. Jaymin is smart, sweet, tenderhearted and is a great friend to all. He is a peace maker within the classroom. He not only compromises with his friends he helps others to as well. I love that he gets my jokes and his smile is my sweet reward. Whatever topic we are discussing he always has something meaningful to share. He is excited by everything we do in class and his excitement is contagious. I love his spunk every MWF and am thrilled to be his teacher. ~ Ms. Eileen

I can't help but beam with pride over these results!
I know its only preschool but I'm so happy he's on the right track!
And it doesn't hurt to have a teacher's approval
of our decision to not rush him into kindergarten.
Reading skills were not on the assessment
but he's turned into a maniac sounding out and reading everything in sight!
But what makes me the proudest, is his heart.
He constantly asks questions about God and Jesus,
recalls bible stories he has learned at church or school,
and what gets me the most,
is when he sings praise songs as he goes about his day.
It does MY heart good to know that is what is in HIS heart.

And your reward for reading to the bottom of this post...
...a BARE belly shot of me.
Non-existent belly button and linea negra and all.
38 weeks.

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