the process of transitioning

January 24, 2012

That is the story of our lives right now.
But, so far its going well.

Right before Christmas Jett started climbing out of his crib.
You know it was one of those times where you say,
"I can't believe Jett hasn't tried to get out of his crib yet!"
and then he does it that day?
Yeah, one of those.
Jaymin did it super early and Jett is extremely physically capable
{and a little pistol to boot}
so we figured he would do it early as well.
But he was almost 2 and hadn't even put his foot over the ledge.
We loved the fact that we could cage him if need be.
Those days are now long gone.
Sad face.

So right after the new year,
we got bunk beds for the boys and moved Jett into Jaymin's room.
We decided to make the transition from crib to bed
and Jett's room to Jaymin's room all at once.
It's taken a few weeks for Jett to really settle in
and for the novelty of the "big boy room" and bed to wear off.
But he's actually doing great.
It took a few days of sitting in a folding chair in their room at bedtime
and saying "lay down" every 30 seconds until he fell asleep,
and quite a few spankings but he rarely gets out of his bed now.
The only time seems to be when he's really wound up
or when we've broken his routine {vital to bedtime!}.

I was a little worried about Jaymin and how he would handle
having a roommate for the first time.
Turns out he loves it.
He's at a weird spot where he's gone from wanting NO night lights
to wanting SEVEN.
So I think its comforting to him to have Jetty in there.
And we can usually here them up there
giggling for a bit before falling asleep. :)

I didn't want to do a TON of work to Jaymin's room
to accommodate the two {ha}
but of course ended up doing more than I intended. :)
But I'm really happy with the way it turned out
and love that there's so many homemade details in it now.
Here is Jaymin's room when I first finished it about 2 years ago.

I kept the paint color and just touched it up.Daddy put together the bunk beds,
that are currently not stacked as you can see.
I felt a little guilty about the fact that I made Jaymin
a handmade quilt and never made one for Jett...
And the thought of cutting it in half and rebinding it DID cross my mind...
And then I laughed at my own ridiculousness,
cause there is no way I'm going near that thing with a pair of scissors!
So I made these little pillows for each bed from the scraps
to help tie in the colors and patterns from the quilt.

I found the polka dot sheets at target,
as well as this green rug I've had my eye on since first doing Jay's room...
A couple of months ago,
Jaymin knocked his red mirror off the wall and broke the glass.
I didn't want to throw the frame away cause I like it so much,
so I started brainstorming about how I could repurpose it.
I was finally inspired by this post at jones design company
and did my own little version for the boys' room.I stitched Philippians 4:13 on some fabric I had...
Then wrapped it around some foamcore that I cut to fit inside the frame
and hot glued the edges of the fabric to the back.
Then I just popped the whole piece inside the frame.
I actually really like how it turned out
and it was a fairly quick project!

Then I made the boys matching hooded towels for bathtime.
I found the towels at walmart for super cheap
and really liked the stripes on the sides
cause I didn't want to put a ton of detail into them myself.
Then I appliqued their names on each.
I read a few hooded towel tutorials floating around the blog world
but ended up just using a hooded towel my sister-in-law
made Jaymin awhile back as a template and it was way simpler.
Then I got the crazy idea to make this...
I pinned this map awhile back and thought
this was the perfect place to put it!
I kind of combined this tutorial with
some of Jami's ideas for her owl canvas.
So I painted the canvas with acrylic paint and let it dry.
Printed off the map, taped the country together, and cut out all the states.
Then I used them as a pattern on a bunch of different fabric scraps.
Then I decopaged the whole thing together.
That part took me a while and a few states are definitely fudged
but I'm happy with the end product.My husband was watching this entire process
{which I would definitely say is not a crafternoon - more like a weekend}
and kept critiquing my state shapes and said,
" might not want to blog this one."
I told him it was meant to be a REPRESENTATION of the US
and not an accurate MAP. :)
Jaymin really likes it though and we've been discussing all the states.
I completed a few projects for this room re-do
that I never got to the first time around.
Like this fan.
I always hated the rainbow blades
{it came with the house}
and thought it would look so much better all one color.So I unscrewed the blades only
and spray painted them.
Super simple fix!

And I also finally finished the skateboard shelf I started!My first attempt at spray painting this {2 years ago}
didn't go so well.
The 80's monster truck design refused to be covered.
So I finally picked up some red acrylic paint and did 3 coats on each side
and sanded the edges a bit {you know me}.
The other roadblock for this project
was the brackets to secure it to the wall.
I never found the cool pottery barn ones
and just got over it and picked up some white metals ones from walmart
and spray painted them silver.
Works for me! :)And this beloved magnet board was rehung in the entry of the room.
Aaaaaand, here come the roomies interrupting my photo shoot.
Heaven forbid this room should stay clean for more than 5 minutes...
...they make sure of that. ;)

{36 weeks today!
On to baby's room!! :) }


Jami Nato said...

that map is incredible. seriously. insane.
and the boys' room is so great. the details are fab!

amy said...

love the room and the colors! great job! LOVE the map! i almost bought one just like it at target for our playroom, but this one is much cuter. :)

audrey said...

i would buy a map like that...for reals. you're super duper crafty!

katieharris said...

awesome boys room, i love it! Not overly 'boyish', and so cozy and playful. That map is so cool and creative. I'd attempt to make one, but without sewing skills like you, I'm pretty sure it'd look like a blob.

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