panic has set in.

January 17, 2012

I need help.
Lots of it.
I'm running out of time.
I'm 35 weeks today.
I will probably have this baby girl in about a month.
And she does not have a name.
Of course I have a name I like and want to name her
{with a LOT of meaning behind it}
but my husband isn't sold, shocker.
So we have literally been stalled out for months.
He likes ONE name and its not terrible
but its just not my daughter's name, ya know?
So again, please help.
Send me as many suggestions as you can possibly come up with.
I want this post to have the most comments I've ever had. :)

I know many of you out there think this is stupid
{my husband included :) } but we're sticking with the "J's".
3 out of 4 of our babies have been named "J" names -
in my book that means we're committed. :)
Me and my siblings are all "C's" and even though I've gotten married
and my last name has changed,
I still feel like we're all connected because of that. :)

I also like my kids names to be unique.
Like, I won't name them something if its in the top 1000 baby names.
{Okay, that might be an exaggeration but top 100? Definitely NOT.}
Hello. Jettison? Yeah, I had never even heard of that word
{and kinda thought I had made it up} until we googled it
right before he was born and found out it means "to throw overboard" - lol!
But at that point, we were pretty set on it and I don't regret naming my child that.
The name {not necessarily the meaning...} totally fits hims. :)

And one final note,
I'm okay with boy names for girls.
My hubby's not totally down with it but we're getting desperate!

here's 35 weeks for ya...
Do I look miserable?
I'm really not but I feel like that is totally reflected
in my photos right now - lol!

I'm totally serious about suggestions so start brainstorming!

I added a few more photos that my mom took
to Jett's puppy party post! :)


Alaythea said...

I think Jasper is an adorable name for a little girl! I also like....

Jinx (My favorite!)

Can't wait to see what you guys end up naming her! I love unique names!

rknapp said...

Jalisa....Joss...Jalayah...Jamison...janevaeh...Jayden....{that's all I got}! Good luck girl!

Laura said...

Josephine, James (I also like boy names for girls), Joanna, Jaci, Jayde. I had to google as well.

And no you don't look miserable, you look gorgeous!

Bekah said...

Jane 'God is gracious'
Janna 'God is gracious, var. of Jane'
Jolie 'pretty'
Josslyn/Joslin 'the merry one'

I think Joslin is my personal fave, but I really want to know what the name you like is?!

jeanna said...

Jeanna, duh?! or Josephine, Jalina, Jovie...Jovie is my fav.

Allyson C. said...

i'm with jeanna....JOVIE! =)

audrey said...

you can't take june...sucker!

i like the name january though. is it weird that i'm into MONTH names? but seriously, i like the name january. do it.

josie is cute too.

katieharris said...

Oooh fun!
Jesea-- (um, i just kinda combined your husband and your names, so I don't think it has a 'meaning' other than that, and I'm not even sure how to pronounce it...Jeh-see-ah? Jess-e-ah?)
Javin-- (had a boy cousin named this, but I think it could work for a girl too. Rhymes with Gavin. You could roll with Javina too.)
Josie, Joely-- always liked those names
And I still think there's something wonderful about the classic Jane, paired with a unique middle name to keep it interesting :)

Can't wait til sweet 'J' is here!

Alaythea said...

I do love the names January and Jubilee as well!

The Thibault Fam said...

I love juniper! jorgia (like georgia), jenabelle, jaylyn, and jianna (like giana), hope that helps :)

Fallon said...

So, If i had J's i would totally name my daughter Juno, and yes, it is because I loooved that movie through both of my pregnancys. Jayde is a cute name too. Jaycelin is fun too. I am with you on the odd names, I have an odd name (although I hear Fallon all over the place now) and when i had my son Braxton, i never heard it, (again, its everywhere now) and now that i have a Boden, I hear Bodee all the time. :( Its hard coming up with different names. good luck! :)

SaraBethJ said...

Jocelyn ( Jossie)
Joel (not pronounced like the boys name, but like Noel. Means "The Lord is God"

katey said...

This may be late, especially as you already have a strong possibility, but I like jera, Jenna, Josephine, Jillian. Is Jenna too close to Jemma?

danielle @ take heart said...

i love Joss, James, Jane, Julia. :)

Anonymous said...

Jalele (Ja-leh-la)

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