movin' on up.

January 27, 2012

Remember when I re-did my kitchen
and said we were using folding chairs?
Well, we are movin' on up in the world people! :)
We finally got REAL chairs.
And I love them...
I'm glad I was patient in waiting for the right chairs
and the right price.
These were found at NFM.
We were going to get 6 chairs
but ended up getting 4 and that lovely bench you see.
Love. :)

I really want to decorate my kitchen {shelves}
for Valentines Day but I always struggle with how to decorate
for this holiday without going super cheesy and cheap looking.
I'm waiting for the blog world and pinterest to save the day...
I'll keep you posted. ;)


amy said...

LOVE the chairs, especially the bench!

Jami Nato said...

love it!
some unmatching chairs would look great here too. keep an eye out for people's trash...chairs are there all the time.

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