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January 5, 2012

There are a ton of kids (nieces & nephews) in my family.
7 1/2 on my side.
5 1/2 on my hubby's side.
{Guess who the 1/2 is! ;) }
And, with all of the birthday & Christmas celebrations we have,
I get really tired of buying generic toys from the store
that usually break in less than a week anyway.
So I always try to be creative with their gifts,
but that often gets me into trouble,
as I tend to second guess myself, run out of ideas, start projects too late,
and then spend too much time on them.
But this Christmas I did decide to do homemade gifts
for 3 of my nieces & nephews.

The first was for my nephew Lane
who literally has everything.
Including a gocart my brother built for him!
So I thought I'd try out the fort kit
that has been circulating the blog world here lately.
Emily at the Jones Design Company posted one
and my friend Jami did a super cute and easy tutorial not long ago.

Here's my version...
The only item I purchased to make this kit was the sheet!
I had some camo fabric on hand
(cause that is a very NORMAL thing to have on hand in my family...)
that I used to make a quick little drawstring bag.
I used rope from my hubby's tools for the drawstring.
The sheet I bought came in a little khaki colored bag of its own.
I printed letters off my computer, used Heat-n-Bond and the fabric
from the sheet bag to personalize the camo bag.
I cut 8 pieces of ribbon and stitched 2 on each corner of the sheet.
Then I covered them with buttons and burned the edges of the ribbon
so they wouldn't fray.
I decided to embellish the "reinforcements"
by modge podging them with little strips of camo fabric.
{I almost skipped this step but I'm so glad I took the time to do it,
I think they turned out so cute!}
I wound up some more rope from my hubby's stash and tied it with a ribbon
and bought a little flashlight to tie on the outside of the bag.
I was super pumped with how this gift turned out
and Lane loved it! :)

Next are the gifts for my nieces.
They're the same age and both very girly
so I thought I'd do the same thing, just personalized.
I bought little lotions from the travel section at Target,
some nail files, clear nail polish & glitter.
I found these pencil holders at Walmart.
The purple one was actually dark blue so I painted it purple.Then I made some personalized labels for the clear nail polish
and glitter and put the glitter in little containers I had.
I lined the pencil holders with tissue paper,
wrapped them with scraps of ribbon I had on hand
and tied the whole thing up with cellophane and tulle.
Pretty simple and the girls loved them!


allyson said...

you are the best at beautiful, thoughtful, useful gifts. i just love that about you.

Nicole said...

Great gifts. Congrats on your newest little one.

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