21 day mission: fail

January 31, 2012

I wanted to hold myself accountable by sharing
how I did on my 21 day challenge {which ended on Sunday}.

I'll just tell ya right off,
it was a big fat fail on my part.
Towards the end of the challenge, I missed a lot of days of prayer.
I don't even know how many.
Like, I would actually FORGET to have my prayer time.
And would use naptime for other things.
I would like to make excuses for myself,
and say that I'm maxed out with this pregnancy,
didn't sleep for 4 nights in a row,
really needed naptime for my OWN naptime,
but that's just it - they're just excuses.
The fact of the matter is I put my own wants & desires
and to-do lists in front of my time with the Lord.
Ugh. I hate being so disappointed in myself.
But, since God is the incredible being that He is,
He still used my failure for good.

Over the last few weeks, I have found myself praying more often
throughout my day, just talking to the Lord, here and there.
In moments of gratefulness, need, or when someone is on my heart.
And really,
that's what I wanted to gain most from this challenge.
To reconnect with Him and to open up our lines of communication.
I feel back on track and close to Him once again.
I even feel more intuitive when it comes to someone needing prayer,
or when someone asks me to pray for them I REMEMBER to.
And it feels good.
{flowers for a friend}

Jaymin has preschool Mon/Wed/Fri.
So on Tuesdays and Thursdays
I try to stay home most of the day and do housework.
And Jaymin has fallen into the terrible habit of constantly needing
some form of media to be entertained.
And I fear his brain is rotting out of his head.
So I made up a quick little chart to limit his media exposure.
I'm always a fan of emily's organizational charts & tricks
and love the laundry clip idea so that's the route I took.
And of course I had to decoupage the clips with fun fabric
since I'm somewhat obsessed with that right now...
It says:
wii: 30 mins
computer games: 1 hr
tv & netflix: 30 mins
legos: unlimited
puzzles: unlimited
coloring: unlimited
outside: unlimited

His wii time was already limited but as soon as his time was up
he would go get on the computer or watch a show on netflix.
I gave him 1 hour a day for computer games
since most of what he plays is educational and learning related.
So that equals 2 hours a day of media which is probably too much for a 5-year-old but I selfishly need some sanity as well.
I mean, Jett stays plenty busy eating toothpaste, escaping outdoors,
getting into my craft supplies and dumping glitter everywhere...
But Jaymin is the one that will whine about being bored.
And then I gave him a few suggestions of what he can do
once he's used all his media time {cause you know he'll do that first}.
And of course, anything using his brain and his hands
is unlimited. :)

I am 37 weeks today.
Officially full-term - woo hoo!
And wow, have I been terrible about belly updates.
I'm gigantic, so, just take my word for it, mkay?
No really, I will try to have a photo up this week.
But that means I'll have to get out of my sweats
and that takes a lot of effort these days. ;)

This past Saturday was my baby shower and it was SOOO great!
Can't wait to share photos with you!
I have amazing friends and yes I'm totally bragging and don't care. ;)


Jami Nato said...

if only i could upload those photos...erg. soon.

SaraBethJ said...

I love your sign! Do you have a pdf or did you do it in Word? My boys are just getting to the age where I need to start doing something like this. Can you believe you are about to have a baby girl? You are going to love it! We have our twins...5 1/2 boys and a 17 mo old girl. It is wonderful!

Not Just Another Jennifer said...

Hi! Saw your post on the Cedar Ridge FB page (this is Jennifer Barr.) Love your honesty about the 21 day challenge. I think you are exactly right - it's reconnecting even if you didn't do it by the rules.

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