cowboy or cowgirl?

September 29, 2011

People always want to know.
"Are you going to find out what you're having??"

With Jaymin, I HAD to know.
We were poor.
We had nothing.
I'm a control freak & needed to prepare to the best of my ability.
{Which, we still had practically nothing
when he came forth from my womb.}
With Jett, I KNEW he was a girl.
And therefore needed to buy all things girly.
But, in verifying that he did in fact have ovaries,
we instead saw a wenis.
Jemma was going to be my surprise.
I decided to throw caution into the wind,
and said "I don't care! Even if it is a girl, we'll be fine!"
She was my third. It doesn't really matter at that point, right?
And, I ALWAYS wanted to have a least ONE surprise. :)
Then came her sono. And the bad news.
That leads us to this babe.
I wanted everything to be different.
My husband calmly informed me I wasn't going to "jinx" this pregnancy.
I know.
But that combined with all the {dumb} issues I've had this time around,
and the many, many sonograms,
there was no way I wasn't going to find out at some point.
I mean, my husband and I can both read sonograms like an anatomy book.
We can identify wenis' amongst black & white blizzards with ease.
So, the time came.
We had our sono.
We found out.

The weeks leading up to it,
it seemed like everyone I came in contact with either said how much they
hoped I had a girl or that they were certain it was in fact a girl.
I mean, I get that.
I'm a pretty feminine girl.
I have 2 boys.
Lots of brothers.
I could see why they would want me to experience a daughter.
But, I wasn't so sure.
Another boy would be easier.
I know boys.
I understand boys.
I can do boys.
And I just loooooove my boys.
When I thought about having a girl, I just felt so much pressure.
So much responsibility. So many ways to screw up.
I try to understand the pressures that our men face every day.
The burden of providing for their families.
Leading their homes with strength & wisdom.
The many stumbling blocks they have to fight against.
But I'm a woman.
And instantly, when I think of having a girl,
I'm overwhelmed with childhood memories, insecurities,
a MAJOR case of "ugly duckling",
awkward middle school & high school years.
Not being good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, athletic enough.
My parents did a great job raising me.
And I can humbly say that through their parenting,
& my faith in something far greater than myself,
today I am a confidant woman
who doesn't constantly struggle with insecurity,
and I'm happy with who God has made me.
But, it was a very very rocky road to get to this place.
And I don't want to watch a daughter of mine
go through those same things.
Couldn't she just be born perfect Lord?
Cause then we would have to battle vanity, pride, & arrogance.
See how it swings both ways??
I hate what the world has done to women.
I hate that society is so focused on perfection of body,
and not heart & soul.
I hate the pressures we face.
And that is why I felt such tremendous pressure in possibly raising a girl.
But, I take heart in knowing I am not in this alone.
Not only do I have a wonderful husband at my side
(who's contribution to raising a healthy woman is just as important,
if not more so than a mother's),
but I also have a God who knows all,
and ultimately, has quite a bit more influence over my {HIS} children
than I ever will.
And THAT gives me peace.

So, to be perfectly honest...
I didn't care if we were blessed with another boy,
or had the joy of experiencing a daughter for the first time.
I'm just thrilled that God gave me another chance to bear life,
and that he trusts me enough to take care of his beloveds for a short time.

Now that I've cleansed my soul with that novel...
Does this room remain a rough & tumble cowboy room...
{which my mother JUST found a perfect cowhide rug for...}
does it get painted pink?


I've done a little online shopping to help you figure it out...

{all items found on etsy}

Is anybody else {other than my husband}
scared that I just put together 3 fashion boards for my unborn daughter??

This is bad...very very bad... ;)

50 sales!

September 27, 2011

My little etsy shop
reached 50 sales this week!

so I know that's not a lot,
considering most shops reach that in their first month
{not their first year... ;) }
but that's okay - I'm excited!
And a lot of my sales go directly from shop to hand
thanks to all of my sweet friends! :)

And believe me,
the amount of orders I receive are plenty for me and my lifestyle!

Thank you to all of my loyal customers out there!! :)

a girly gift {& one for myself!}

September 22, 2011

Last week I had the privilege of going to Audrey's baby shower.
And I say privilege because I never laugh as hard as I do
when I'm around Jami and her sister.
Not to mention, their parties are always insanely cute.
You can check out the back-to-school themed shower
and lunch lady hostess here. :)

I wanted to do a special gift for Audrey
{okay, I always want to do something special for my gifts :)}
since she's so creative and artistic.
I've been mulling over the idea of a hot air balloon set for awhile
but was worried it wouldn't have the
vintage yet whimsical look I envisioned.
I ordered new fabrics {for a different set actually}
and when I saw them I knew I had my color scheme.
Once that was established I went for it. :)
And was really happy with how it turned out!
It kind of reminds me of a vintage fair...
Maybe I need to make a coordinating ferris wheel onesie. :)

Here's my belly update since I didn't give it to you on Tuesday...
I was serious about clipping those flower clusters on my belt. ;)
I've decided these are my new favorite accessory
since my maternity wardrobe is so blah. :)

a romantic bridal shower

September 20, 2011

I'm so excited to finally share this shower with you!
I had an absolute BLAST working on it the past few weeks
and was thrilled with how everything came together this weekend.
We had it in the coffee shop at my church
which was a great location but made for some funky photos
with all the track lighting. :)
The entry table and my mom's to-die-for cream cheese mints.
They are such a traditional shower/reception addition
and I just love them.
I even had them at my wedding reception! :)
My gift to the bride & groom.
This engagement photo just went so perfectly with our
romantic love story theme
I really wanted it displayed at the shower.
My go-to photo girl sent me to EPG Imaging and they did an amazing job
on this gallery mount.
The party favors.
My mom and I made the boxes and then
my sister and I made the chocolate truffles inside!
Believe it or not,
we did not buy ANY supplies for the boxes!
We used scrap paper from the invitations and
my mom had everything else on hand!
I had my brother write some love notes to his bride-to-be.
Of course he didn't follow directions and use the stationary I gave him,
but we improvised with some notebook paper.
It still turned out cute I thought! :)
In the center of the coffee shop
there is a brown leather couch and chair that needed some color...
shower coordinating color of course.
So I made these chartreuse green ruffle pillows
with handwriting print fabric on the back.
I love how they turned out!
I made the gift list with a little clipboard, felt flower & some cardstock.
{click on the photo to enlarge}
Centerpieces for the tables.
The little tags on the apples say "Mr & Mrs.".
I decided last minute we should just do one big food table
rather than wrap the food around the coffee shop counter.
And so I whipped up this little flower cluster to pin to the tablecloth.
I ordered fondant roses from my friend {the cake chick}
for the tops of the cupcakes
and they turned out beautiful!
Just wish I had a better photo of them!
My sister-in-law made these awesome tulle pom-poms
for her daughter's birthday and when I saw them
I knew they were perfect for shower!
She did them in coffee & cream and they turned out great!
My goofy sister & sister-in-law
were playing "barista" behind the coffee shop counter.
But hey, they were keeping the food platters full and washing dishes!
Me & the Bride-to-be.
She's so cute and her outfit was perfect for the shower. :)
And speaking of outfits,
we starting playing around with the flower cluster I made
while cleaning up the shower and it looked adorable
clipped on the side of my cardigan and hello! look at it on my belt!
Um, yeah I will definitely be making like 7 more of these.

The shower was a huge success
and for the first time in the history of my event planning,
I don't think there's one thing I would change!
And I owe a huge thank you to my sister & sisters-in-law
for all their hard work and to both my moms for pitching in most of the budget.

{Photos are courtesy of:
my mom, sister-in-law, me,
and my sweet friend Lizz -
who came all the way back to church just to take them for me!
Thank you friend!}

cute boy stuff

September 15, 2011

Since my elephant gift set for girls is a fairly popular one
I thought it might be a good idea to make a boy version.
That and I've also really been wanting to do this color combination. :)
One of my bible study girls is having a boy
so I decided she was a perfect guinea pig. :)
My friend Lizz put in another boy order
and again, my desire for a specific color combo determined the set. :)
And because this is a boy-themed post
{and because I just really wanted to share this picture}
my little man...
...whom I adore. :)

*These 2 sets as well as this headphone set are now in my shop. :)

17 weeks.

September 13, 2011

I'm 17 weeks.
This is the week we lost Jemma, but didn't know it.
It's weird to already be at this point again, with another.
But its also really healing.
I've had to keep my fear in check today.
I know how it likes to control and ruin lives.
My first thought when my eyes popped open this morning was,
"what if I have some weird disorder
that makes my babies die at 17 weeks??"
Stupid, I know.
And I told myself that.
My next thought was,
"If my God is with me, whom then shall I fear? Whom then shall I fear?"
No one.
No thing.
No matter what happens, He'll never leave me.
My baby's kicking away as I type this.
Reassuring me he/she is still with me as well.
They know what their mama needs today. :)

In other news,
we took off Jaymin's training wheels this weekend.
He's been ABLE for quite some time,
but he had to battle his fear as well and trust that he could do it.
Now, look at him. :)

Yesterday he fell and split his chin open while riding.
Oh well.
Sometimes you fall.
But you gotta get back up.
I'm proud to say it hasn't phased him one bit. :)

thank goodness for nieces

September 9, 2011

Every so often I get the opportunity
to pretend like I don't live in a testosterone infused house
and make pretty things for little girls. :)
My nieces tend to be the recipients.
Both are Jaymin's age and both had birthdays this summer.
This first outfit is for miss Sierra.
I've really been into monogramming lately
and really prefer it over full names.
I found this adorable petal tutu skirt at Costco
(yes Costco!)
and it inspired the rest of the outfit.
Nevaeh got a very special new baby doll for her birthday
so I thought they needed matching outfits. :)
Sorry I don't have upclose photos.
Happy weekend!
I will be busy catching up on this and that!

NOW summer's over...

September 7, 2011

Even though I wrote how September 1st
is the turning of the seasons as far as I'm concerned
we are just today OFFICIALLY out of summer mode
and into our fall schedule.

Jaymin started preschool today.
I know, it seems late to me too.
But we were enjoying the freedom while we had it.
Now I'm enjoying the routine.
I'm an organized, list-making, calendar-loving, routine kinda girl.

We started the day out with some one on one time
with the big kid and his restaurant of choice.
Where else?
I think this might become part of the tradition.
Going into school.
Waiting on his special rug.
This is where I say goodbye.
And I can't stop kissing him and taking pictures.
This is not my first time dropping him off at a school.
But, I feel bad for switching schools on him.
And having him start all over again.
But all is well.
He had a great first day with much to tell.

It still seems like he's a little past all this preschool stuff.
But I know I'm making the right decision for him and his future.
He's a summer baby and is already 5.
We elected to not send him to kindergarten this year.
I said from the day this kid was born
I was sending him to school at 6.
I've stuck with that decision
but it doesn't mean I haven't wavered here and there.
We thought there was no reason to rush him.
He is academically, socially, emotionally & physically ready for kindergarten.
But why not give him an advantage?
This way he will be a little bigger, a little more mature,
a little more developed and a little more ready.
Rather than...a little smaller, a little bit immature,
a little underdeveloped and not quite ready.
I once had a friend share some advice given to her about HER son.
She said, "do you want your child to have one more year of adulthood
or one more year of childhood? Cause that's essentially what you're deciding."
Hmm. That's something to think about.
I am a summer baby too and was put in school at 5.
My dad regrets sending me early.
I did fine. I was a girl so I had that extra little bit of maturity.
But I bloomed later than everyone else.
Everyone could drive before me.
I graduated high school at 17.
I graduated college at 21.
Boom. Welcome to adulthood.
Oh yeah, and jobs, bills, debt and no mercy.
Things have turned out fine for me.
Just like they would have for Jay.
But why not give him an extra leg up?
There's just no reason not to.
Life's hard enough the way it is.
Not saying this will make all his problems go away,
but isn't that our job as parents?
To do the best we can to prepare our children for adulthood?
I guess I think of this as one little step. :)
So one more year of preschool.
3 days instead of 2.
Next year 5 days a week at the "big kid school".
And believe me, he can't wait.

On another note...
I've had a baby bump since I found out I was pregnant.
I guess that's what happens when you're on pregnancy #4.
But I'm just now able to pass it off as a prego belly.
So I'm doing my best to document it.
I really REALLY want to photograph the belly
every week til this babe is here.
Hold me accountable.
And I'll share the photos with you.
And it will force me to try to look cute at least once a week.
I'm 16 weeks now, so just playing a little catch up.
Oh, and did my face get fatter in a week?
Why yes, it sure looks like it did.
I'm one of those really lucky people that gains weight in their face.
It's freaking awesome.
Just wait til I'm will be ADORABLE.
I've also been eating like I'm a bottomless pit/black hole.
So that could be some of it.
This is seriously how big I was with Jaymin at 6 months.
When I was DYING to have a bump
so people knew I was 3/4's of the way through. :)
Don't believe me?
Ha! I have a proof.{Me & my sister-in-law, prego with our firsts}
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