giveaway winner!!

July 29, 2011

Here are a few photos of some precious babes
wearing items from SKC.
{Yes, some, okay alot, of those babes are my own ;) }

Look how much my baby has changed from last fall!!
And the winner is..........


I love the KU twin gift set. I have two little ones only a year apart, so this would be perfect for them. Your shop is wonderful!

Congrats Lindsey!

Shop around and then shoot me an email with your order! :)

Have a great weekend!!

a little housekeeping

July 26, 2011

I totally spaced when I posted Jaymin's superhero party
and forgot to include his invitations,
which were like my favorite part of his party!

I made the stickers on the computer
then printed them on label paper.
And I'm super addicted to lining envelopes right now
so I lined these with comic book paper.
For the invites,
I had them printed on large postcards then cut out the shape.
The party info is on the other side.

I'm selling the following items from his birthday party for $25.
If you're interested email me!
  • red & yellow plastic "laser" baskets
  • 2 homemade comic book paper banners
  • homemade "pow" "bam" "splat" signs
  • homemade city scape scene

And here's a recent addition to my shop.
I've been eyeballing this delicious tree fabric for a while now
and my girlfriend Jenn finally gave me a reason to order it. :)
And I've been wanting to do a "tree" onesie since I opened my shop!
If you haven't entered my giveaway
get on it before time's up!! :)

1 year anniversary

July 23, 2011

That's right people.
Today is the 1 year anniversary
of my little shop.

It's hard to believe I posted the opening announcement a year ago. :)

I'd like to think I've come along way from the simple stenciled onesies
I started out doing for gifts. :)20092011

I'd like to celebrate this anniversary with you by doing a giveaway!
Woo hoo! Yay for free stuff. :)

The winner gets a $50 shop credit

To enter, leave me a comment telling me your favorite item in my shop.
Now here's something different...
For an extra 2 entries,
email me a photo of your little one wearing an item from my shop.
My email address is over there to the right.

I'll post the photos & the winner next Friday!!

Now its official.

July 18, 2011

Yes, I know its Monday.
And yes I'm blogging.
I was too excited to share these photos
from this weekend's 30th birthday bash
for none other than THE
Emily Anderson.
Now you finally know what these invites were for. :)
I had a blast working with the hilarious Jami Nato on this project and we only went SLIGHTLY over budget...I think.
Thanks to Mr. Anderson for footin' the bill and
letting us crazy crafters have pretty much free reign.

We were going for a summery anthropologie inspired look
and used mostly orange & green.

Fabric deliciousness for the par-tay.
Mr. Nato sliced logs for cupcake platters and table decor.
Jami's mom catered ALL the food, including her famous strawberry cupcakes.
She made all of Emily's favorite dishes.
Jami made chocolate cupcakes and I frosted them and sprinkled dirt on top.
Okay, fine, ground up chocolate bars.
And Jami made all of those teeny little flags.
So this is how Jami's parents' house looks all the time.
So far, every girl has gotten married in their backyard
and each time they add a new element.
We thought the ivy covered porch would be perfect
for the dinner table.
I made the fabric banners out of the orange floral and the cream writing fabric.
We seriously found every single one of those random chairs
in Jami's parents' house.
So half the "flowers" in the flower arrangements are weeds.
No joke.
I bought a few yellow flowers and then the orange spray roses.
Which I love and think look SO organic and wild. :)
The dance floor.
Which was not used as much as I thought or wanted it to be.
I was ready to "get my dance on" but knew like none of the songs being played.
I will say however, that when I requested "Dynamite",
the dance floor was the fullest it was all night. Ha. :)
Go here for more ridiculous dance photos.
The party favors!
Giant homemade chocolate chip cookies in brown parchment bags.
With a custom made sticker, OF COURSE. :)

Did I mention it was a thousand degrees?
Ahhh, gotta love summer birthdays.
We rocked it though, sweat 'n all.
And half the party ended up in the pool.
Some by choice, some not so much.

Happy Birthday Emily!
Hope we made it a good one. :)

holy cupcakes, batman.

July 12, 2011

Well, Jaymin's 5th birthday party was a success.
I might even go as far to say "wildly" successful.
Maybe "chaotically" successful is more like it. :)
I really thought I was keeping it simple by
hosting a party for just 7 little boys.
The joke's on me. :)
I made the banners out of comic book paper.
And had the fondant toppers for the cupcakes
made by my cake decorating friend.
She does great work - I highly recommend her! :)
I actually grabbed the idea for the cake platter from her craft blog as well.
She made a tower for her son's birthday party and posted a tutorial.
I just did one "tier" to make it a platter instead!
Thanks Jessica! :)
Aaaaand...the birthday boy. :)
Devilish grin 'n all.
Love this one. :)
For party favors
I just put batman & spiderman fruit snacks
in cello bags.
And then I printed the following photos of each boy
& mounted their photo on black foam core for dimension and stability.
It was so hot we ended up in the sprinkler outside.
Hence all the nakedness in the above photos.

There's one thing I've learned in my 5 years of throwing
birthday parties for children...
I go crazy planning, decorating, cleaning & setting up for parties.
And then once they start...
There's no schedule.
Children run a muck.
I watch cupcake crumbs fall to the freshly mopped floor.
I watch full izzies get thrown in the trash.
Our non-water party turns into one cause the head index is 110.
Grass, water, & mud are drug through the house.
We're all sweating profusely...
and laughing hard.
Just smile.
And go with it.

We had a great time. :)

birthday surprises

July 2, 2011

I had a great birthday.
I honestly was not prepared for that.
But as you can imagine,
was pleasantly surprised. :)

Thursday night
Jeff & went to a free concert downtown with some friends
so the boys spent the night at my parents'.
Jeff got up Friday morning (my birthday)
and went to work...apparently.
I got up and met my mom, little brother & sister & the boys
at Starbucks for a little birthday kickoff.{Jettisizzle chillin' with his OWN drink - taken with my phone}
I was enjoying my iced coffee and vanilla scones
when my hubby walked in!
I thought he was just joining us for coffee
but he actually had taken off the whole day to be with me.
Then he gave me my birthday gift.Which was hanging around Jaymin's neck & tucked in his shirt. :)
{If you can't tell, I love it. :) }
After that we took the boys to the park
and Target to kill some time while my mom got some stuff done.
Then I took Jeff shopping.
I cut him loose after he "helped" me in Forever21.
He went to Borders while I scanned the rest of the mall.
{shopping without children = best birthday gift ever}
We came home to change & clean up,
then headed downtown for dinner on the plaza.
Where, I will admit, we spent WAY too much money on dinner.
Seriously, $9 for a non-alcoholic fruity beverage?
It was delicious but never again.
We brought the day to a close snuggled on our couch
with a netflix movie.

Throughout the day I got the sweetest calls & texts messages
from family & friends and even some very thoughtful surprise gifts. :)

So I thought my little wish list
was going to go to waste.
Well, the little planner that my hubby is
ordered my Vintage Pearl necklace about 4 weeks ago.
2 weeks before our transmission went out...yessssss. :)

My last year in my 20's is off to a great start. :)
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