February 25, 2011

One of my friends from high school
(you can call her the cake chick)
asked me to make her little boy a pirate gift set.
I've been wanting to do one for a while
but haven't had a reason.
So, thanks Jessica. :)

I absolutely LOVE this pirate fabric.
I had to search high and low for it but it was totally worth it. :)

In high school
I was president of the fashion club
(still not sure how I managed to pull that off)
and Jessica was my vice president.
Our main "job" was to put together the annual fashion show
(I LIVED for that - lol!)
along with the fashion classes
We had a blast together. :)
I thought this homecoming dance picture
just MIGHT be on my computer somewhere and I was right...
So, here's a little old school (literally - we are getting OLD)
embarrassment for ya Jessica. :)
(Who am I kidding - she was adorable even back then!
Me...not so much.)
Check out that couple making out though.
I was about to crop them out
but thought you all might enjoy seeing it - lol!

Not sure yet if the ol' pirate set will make it to the shop.
I'm not sure if I'm willing to paint that mini mural over and over again! ;)

Have a great weekend!

Yes, I'm a mean mom. And no, I'm not sorry about it.

February 22, 2011

I've had a lot of conversations with friends and family about our dinner expectations for our kids.
And I've learned that I'm kind of a "mean mom"
compared to others.
But wanna know a secret that's not really a secret at all?
I'm proud to be a "mean" mom. ;)
I make my kids eat healthy food, I tell them "no" often, I demand respect from them, I discipline them, I make them brush their teeth, take naps, and wash their hands before meals
- gasp! The nerve!! ;)
I joke, but really, there are parents out there
that try so hard to be their kids' best friend,
that they forget to be their parent.
Guess what.
My kids have plenty of friends.
They need a mom.
So, part of being "mean" if you will is making them eat dinner.
And in case you all were wondering,
I do not part-time as a short order cook.
So my children are required to eat what I decide to cook for dinner
(yeah, the little one...he'll eat whatever is chewable with his 8 teeth ;) )
or they will be hungry.
Now, in case some of you are ready to call SRS
I'll have you know I'm pretty "nice" at breakfast and lunch time...
For breakfast they usually eat {healthy} cold cereal & bananas
and for lunch {natural} peanut butter sandwiches {on whole wheat bread},
{unsweetened} applesauce and {whole grain} goldfish.
Sneaky, huh?
Breakfast and lunch are scarfed down before I can turn around.
Not so much.
But just because my child "doesn't like"/chokes down the dinner I make every night does that mean I should stop making him eat it?....
The answer is...
How else are they going to learn how to like "adult" food and flavors?
How else am I going to ensure that they are getting the nutritional benefits of foods OTHER than peanut butter & goldfish?
How else are my kids going to learn the importance of
manners, thankfulness, & an adventurous spirit in trying new things!?!
I mean you never know, if I didn't make my kids eat the dinners I prepare
they might be too afraid to travel the world some day!
Seriously people,
if I never got over my extremely-picky-childhood appetite and started trying new things,
I would have never had the joy of finding out I liked
avocados or hummus or the glorious Nutella,
or REAL New Mexican green chili
(thanks to my New Mexican lover... Don't worry that's my husband ;) ).

But I'm someone who believes BIG TIME in a little thing called
And that (after Jesus of course) is the key to life.
So my kids get to enjoy plenty of treats.
My mom stuffs something sugar-infused
down their throats every time I turn around.
Jaymin has a donut at church pretty much every Sunday.
We still have plenty of "goodies" left over from Valentine's Day
that Jaymin gets to pick from after finishing his DELICIOUS dinner. :)
So don't worry.
My kids aren't deprived.
I mean, they have to try sweet stuff too in order to have a well-rounded palette. :)

I'm not trying to preach.
Or judge your parenting style.
I'm just saying I'm mean.
And someday, my kids will thank me for it. :)

In the meantime,
I decided to be "nice" over the weekend
and make some homemade kid-friendly items.
My kids have been knocking out boxes of graham crackers like nobody's business
(I think daddy might be helping too...)
and Jaymin keeps talking about "chicken nuggets",
something I don't really buy cause I worry about the ingredients in pre-made nuggets.
So I decided to make homemade versions of those two things.

I used one of Martha's recipes for the graham crackers.
It seemed pretty healthy.
And they were pretty easy to make.
Just a little messy and time consuming.

The boys love them and have been eating them
faster than store bought crackers (if that's possible).
I used the Deceptively Delicious recipe for the nuggets.
I think this cookbook is a great concept
for getting your kids to eat healthy food
but I'd kind of rather them flat out KNOW what they're eating.
See, mean. :)
I DO think it offers great healthy & kid-friendly recipes for things you don't want to buy pre-made at the store though.
Like chicken nuggets. :)
My picture's not so great but they actually turned out pretty good.
My plan was to make a bunch and freeze them
they were kind of a lot of work.
So I may just go looking for a healthy version
at the grocery store.
They'll be a nice little "treat" for nights mama's not home to make dinner. ;)

A Chipper (yes, I just said "chipper") Monday Post!!

February 21, 2011

Super super excited about today's post!!
1) because this means I am FINALLY caught up on baby gifts
- yay-
2) Emily is doing an awesome giveaway today
- that I am honored and thrilled to be a part of -
check it out!
and 3), I have a special SKC announcement today!

Ever since I've added baby skirts to my gift sets and outfits
I've wanted to add matching headbands
and TODAY I'm finally doing that!!

Check out my latest sets!

I've been wanting to do a lollipop set
ever since I started SKC
and finally had the perfect person to give it to!
The mama's baby shower is what provided inspiration for the set below,
she had a garden tea party
so I just HAD to do this bicycle/floral idea
I've been mulling around... :)
Both sets are now in my shop!

If you want to win free stuff
go enter Emily's giveaway!

Yay for {what would be a really cruddy grey} Monday!! :)

I {heart} crafts

February 18, 2011

Ok, I know I said I had another Valentines post comin'
and that was on TUESDAY and today is now SATURDAY but I got busy.
{Busy in a good way - been filling lots of orders!}

Before I show you my little heart day craft
I thought I'd show you these beautiful photos
taken by my ever so talented friend.
You know, cause they're just plain romantic. :)
Thanks A. ;)
A couple of years ago
I was inspired at a church women's retreat
by the song "At the Foot of the Cross"
and made this when I got home.

I named it "Ashes to Beauty".
Seriously, if you don't know that song google it right now!
After I made the cross I got another idea for a Valentine's tee
and just now (years later...) actually got around to making it.

Inside the heart are roses, hearts & vintage valentines.
Fun, right?
There are still some things I'd like to tweak
(cause heaven knows, MY crafts are NEVER perfect...
especially the first time around).
But I thought it turned out alright.
Ok, enough of V-Day and all this "love" nonsense. ;)
Let's move on to other things, shall we?

A romantic evening...with our 4-year-old.

February 15, 2011

In my last post
I told you how we celebrated
Valentine's Day
on Saturday night.

Last night
was Jaymin's turn...
I made Jami's
white chicken lasagna
and it was delish.
We also had
chocolate covered strawberries & heathbar brownies.
Calorie fest?
I think so.
It was a fun date night with Jay...
whose eyes were as big as saucers
when he saw his very own Izze waiting for him at his place setting.
Usually his mother hides them in her kitchen somewhere
and then hoards them when naps are being taken and daddy's at work.
Come on people, its like soda that isn't bad for you!
And they're delicious.
Good times.
{Nevermind the fact that dinner wasn't ready until 8pm.}

Are you sick of Valentine's Day yet?
Too bad.
I have one more post a-comin' your way...
Stay tuned.
I mean it.

v-day the right way

February 14, 2011

Ok, so there are lots of ways
to celebrate Valentine's Day
but when your husband hates it
and believes it to be a made up holiday
by marketing strategists bent on emptying our wallets
to make sure our loved ones KNOW we love them...
yeah, don't expect roses, chocolates OR cards. :)

But that's fine with me.
I actually agree with the Valentine's Grinch.
He thinks its much more important to tell your loved ones
how you feel every day.
Not just on this "made-up holiday".

So we've started the tradition
of celebrating Valentine's Day with friends
simply because it gives us an excuse to get a sitter,
get dressed up, drink good wine and eat good food.
No romantic expectations.
And we always celebrate the weekend before or after
to avoid the dreaded holiday restaurant rush
so we can enjoy ourselves even more.

La Bodega
downtown has become the favored location.
We even have a favorite booth.
Where we can get VERY loud.
Yeah, its in the kitchen. No joke. :)

I {heart} these people...

And this is the reason you GO to La Bodega.
{Ok, that, AND the amazing tapas, AND the awesome atmosphere.}

Too bad I did not get to indulge
in such deliciousness this year...

Oh, only because of this little bugger...
Yeah. Meet Hatfield Baby #3.
And yes, if you're remembering my son's
as though it were yesterday,
don't worry.
You are not in a time warp.
These 2 are practically going to be twins.
Ok, so maybe I'm exaggerating a little
but I'm trying to not freak out. ;)
We were planning on having a third babe
just didn't plan on it happening
But we're thrilled.
God is good.
He knows what he's doing. :)

This picture was taken at 8 weeks.
I found out I was pregnant the week before.
Yeah, 7 weeks before I had a clue.
Ok, so maybe there were SOME signs
but with my insane month of December I had to ignore them
and live in denial before I could cope with something this big. :)
Imagine me in the doctor's office
getting a sonogram
(cause they had no idea how far along I was
- long story of weaning jett, abnormal cycles, etc.)
and I'm thinking I canNOT be more than 5 weeks
and then I look up and see a very developed
baby bouncing around my uterus
as though its made its little self right at home.
Yeah. Shock and awe.

I'm 14 weeks today.
14 weeks on February 14th - Valentine's Day. :)

Everyone thinks its a girl.
I'm not convinced.
But only 26 more weeks to find out.
(Yep, this one's gonna be a surprise.)

Hope you all had a great day
sharin' the love.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Handmade Christmas

February 9, 2011

This post is long overdue
but I wanted to show a few items
that I made for Christmas gifts.
I actually accomplished my goal of hand making
every possible gift this year.
Unfortunately, I got so busy making & giving them
that I didn't get photos of all of them.
I'm still trying to track some down!

Have you ever seen those playhouses that just slide over your card table?
This etsy shop has some really cute ones.
Jaymin has really gotten into pretend lately
(thanks to our neighbor boys & friends who are a little older
and play "spies" with him :) )
so I thought he could use a secret hideout.
This is the inside back wall.
With all kinds of gadgets and do-dads.
The 2 side walls have these round windows.
Both boys like to play in it
but Jaymin always seems to be forcing Jett to either stay IN or stay OUT
until he screams.
I took this with my camera phone on Christmas Eve.
I strung colored-Christmas lights inside for awhile
and it was pretty cool.
Until someone broke a light and Jaymin ended up shocking himself
with the live wire.
So we put them up for a bit. ;)
The cape I wipped out in about a 1/2 an hour on Christmas Eve.
I made it really simple so he could be whatever super hero he felt like that day.
I also had a friend ask me to make her and her daughters matching aprons.
She said she wanted them pink and then let me pick out the fabric.
For the girls I went with a light pink polka dot
with Amy Butler floral print accents
(the floral is on the reverse side of the apron too).
And for their mama I did the floral on the front and light pink polka dot accents.
Here's little Bryten rockin' her apron
and making Valentine's goodies.
When I was making the aprons
- without a pattern I might add, blah -
I kept trying them on Jaymin to make sure I had the proportions right.
He was mortified and kept telling me
"but MOM, I don't LIKE pink!!". :)

This is a little gift I made for myself.
I wore it to our Christmas Eve service. :)
Happy Wednesday!

financial blizzard

February 3, 2011

I know I rarely blog about things other than my crafts and my family
but today I'm feeling kind of grumpy and this post fits my mood.
Why am I grumpy you ask?
Oh you know, just the ol' horrible head cold,
{neverending} sick children and {neverending} bitter craptastic weather
with a blizzard on top routine.
Yeah, I live in Kansas.
Which means we get everyone's crap weather coming at us from both directions.
No, I really do love it here,
but I hate the any-exposed-skin-instantly-gets-frostbite weather.
And not being able to leave my house
because of weather and sickness has me very much on edge.
I might survive though cause my husband is going to hold down the fort
tonight while I sneak out to Hobby Lobby.
Did I mention my house is a disaster, I have mountains of laundry,
AND I have to do our budget for February?
Yeah. I do the finances.
You know, I just have a knack for math, I love number crunching,
and Quicken is my favorite computer program.
Yeah, not so much.
I do our finances cause (let's face it)
I am organized and disciplined and my husband is not.
BUT. He contributes as well.
You know, by making all of the money that I manage. ;)
So the other night when I was up all night
because my head felt like it was splitting in two and my nostrils
(which are very important to breathing, especially at night...)
were taking turns collapsing
I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep
and I starting thinking about our debt and trying to calculate the numbers.
Needless to say, I'm terrible at mental math.
Especially at 3am and with a head cold.
So the next morning I couldn't help myself and I got out the trusty calculator.
And I must say...I discovered some very awesome news.
(And just real quick, not to sound "cooler" than you,
cause this is SO not something to be proud of,
but most likely, our debt is significantly larger than most.
Think, medical school loans without a medical school salary,
plus a couple of years of no income and that about sums up our debt history.)
I won't tell you exactly how much longer we have to reach our goal
but I WILL tell you that it is less than HALF of the time I originally thought.
Isn't that amazing??
We have definitely been working diligently at sticking to our budget
and making debt payoff a top priority
but we cannot take all of the credit for what is happening in our lives and in our finances.
We have done our part, and God has shown up.
And is working miracles.
Have you ever done the numbers and wondered
"how are we going to make it this month?"
and then you go back and redo the numbers
and all of a sudden they check out and it works?
Yeah, that happens to us all the time.
Especially when we give to others.
Amazing? I think so.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to moving on with our lives!
Putting our mistakes and hard times in the past, for good,
rather than having them loom over us
every single month in the form of bills.
Don't get me wrong though.
Life is still good.
WE still have it good.
We have a great townhouse that we can afford
and offers plenty of space.
We can pay our bills every month AND buy groceries and gas.
We having loving families and friends
that are always there to support us in whatever way we need
or just lend an ear.
We are rich, people
Very rich.

Speaking of awesome family...
We spent 2 days at my parents' house during the "storm of the century"
(hence the disastrous house and laundry mountains) .
While we were there my mom made (all homemade of course)
pizza, vegetable and beef stew, cinnamon rolls, banana cake, fudge cake, chicken pot pie, and biscuits and gravy.
I think I gained 7 lbs.

Back to entering in receipts
so I can go heat up leftovers and call it "dinner".
I promise to make my next post interesting. ;)

{Jami, did I pass the "real" blogging test? ;) }
{P.S. this girl did.}
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