Don't drink the communion juice.

January 24, 2011

Our church is a baby making factory.
We have new babies arriving weekly it seems.
They usually come in large waves but there is usually little space between those waves.
We even warn newcomers to not drink the water, or coffee...or communion juice...we haven't figured out the culprit yet. :)

I love it though, cause as it turns out,
those sweet little babies are great guinea pigs. ;)
I love making unique gifts for each one and turning my ideas and sketches into reality. Something I probably would never end up doing if I didn't have someone to give the final product to. :)

So here are a couple of recent gifts, and there are many more to come.
I am WAY behind after all of the Christmas madness and of course, most of these mamas decided to have their babes right around or right after the Christmas season.
Thanks for the break guys. ;)
This set was for a fellow sewer having her first baby.
I love vintage everything but especially vintage sewing machines.
I LOVE this fabric and could not wait to use it. :)
I've been dying to do a yellow & gray gift set
and thought an umbrella onesie would be the perfect compliment.

I love this floral yellow & gray print as well
...and it may end up somewhere in my own wardrobe...
These sets are now in my shop!
I know, I needed something new didn't, I?

Like I said, more to come!

Cowboy Up & blog

January 20, 2011

Wow, has it seriously been over a week since I've posted??
What happened to all those things I said I needed to post?
Oh yeah, I'm too lazy to do it. :)

Well, since we have yet ANOTHER snow day today
AND I cleaned my whole house last week
(not saying you can even tell NOW)
I find myself with time on my hands so that means blogging and crafting.

I have a very intersante post for you today
(my husband loves it when I say that word, I'm sure he's imagining me as an exotic dark haired & voluptuous Spanish woman with a beautiful accent... Totally kidding of course. I know the truth. He's laughing at me cause I'm a huge geek-wod. Who says geek-wod?? I do, I guess. :-/ Wow!! Tangent, much?? Being snowed in does things to ya people...)

OK! Back on track!! baby boy is a year old, yes we've established that.
And have any of you SEEN his nursery?? Of course not.
Cause according to me it has been "unfinished" this entire year. I did most of it after his birth but it's been "done" (aka. as done as its going to get) for most of this past year.
Would you like like to see it?

I went with a cowboy theme. I mean, the kid's name is "Jettison Charles".
Doesn't that just SOUND like a rugged cowboy?? Just go with it.

Here are the befores:
When we moved in there were these horrendous shelves in his room (that totally called attention to the fact that the window is not centered on the wall, I might add). Please also note the mini blinds - I LOVE me some dirty old plastic mini blinds!!
I wanted them torn out immediately.
My husband tried to convince me otherwise but I stuck to my guns (did you like how I did that? Guns, get it?). The room is SUPER small as it is, and those dang shelves took up half of it!
All I needed to fit in there was a crib, a dresser & a rocking chair and I wouldn't be able to do even that. So I hired my trusty ol' dad to tear them out for me. He noted many (many) times what crap they were as he was tearing them out.
I've mentioned this before, but I am terrible at taking before shots. I usually start painting something before I remember. Which is exactly what I did here. But I really just wanted you to see the color of the dresser when I bought it from Goodwill. Pretty, huh? (puke.)
Ok, I've tortured you enough.
Here are the afters:
(I will preface this by saying his room is very simple. I don't put things on walls just to have things on walls. If I think of something or get something cute I'll hang it. But I prefer blank or simple over decorating with things that don't go or things I don't like.
Oh and, as always, I pretty much had no budget. ;) )
I painted the room a golden yellow that reminded me of straw or hay.
Here's the dresser. Refurbed.
I painted it kind of an off-white and then antiqued and distressed it.
The knobs are from (where else?) Hobby Lobby.
And of course, 50% off.
(I also painted it this color so it would be versatile for future babies. If I have more boys, sorry dudes, you're stuck with a cowboy room. If I have a girl someday, change these knobs out for some pretty girly ones and walla!)
Daddy's cowboy boots when he was a boy...
For the lasso, I just went to the trusty ol' hardware store,
bought some rope, tied a couple of knots, and started nailing it onto the wall in loops.

My mom gave me this star she had lying around.
It was perfect the way it was.
And we got the rocking chair when we were pregnant with Jaymin.
The little blue table was also given to me by my mom
(I think it used to be a plant stand)
and I painted it navy for Jaymin's old room.
This pillow is probably the easiest one I've ever made.
I bought a red cotton bandana,
& sewed brown cording to it.
I love what it adds to the room.
The month before Jett was born we had Thanksgiving in Arkansas and there was an AWESOME cowboy (dare I say?) "boutique" there. They had a leather lampshade with leather cording along the bottom. I already had a brown iron lamp base so I got one of those sticky lampshades (like the one I used in my basement) from Hobby Lobby and stuck this printed tissue paper on it (after crinkling it up a bit an smoothing it out). Then I punched holes in the bottom with a regular hole punch. Then looped some leather straps through.

These curtains were also from Jaymin's old room.
Cute overall tops, huh?
And of course, his "bear rug".
That cowboy shop also had BEAUTIFUL cow hide rugs and throws.
I wanted one. Badly.
But they were hundreds of dollars. Sorry, not for my baby's nursery.

My mom gave me an old pink crib bumper
that I covered with this faux cow print.
It actually looks and feels pretty real!
A close up of the shelf.
This too was from Jaymin's old room.
My mom and stepdad gave it to me for a shower gift when I was pregnant with him.
It goes perfectly.
Part of the reason I have waited so long to post Jett's room is because I started this mini quilt for him. The only thing I have left to do is the binding but just canNOT muster up the desire to do it. I messed up one of the sides and that made me mad so that may have something to do with it...There may be other reasons for posting this now but I'll let your mind wander.
Jaymin's room if you remember, is a surfer theme.
Does anyone else find it strange that I somehow
manifested my 2 dream men into my children's bedrooms?...

Q & A

January 12, 2011

This is a little gift set I made for
my pilates instructor's baby girl.
{I really love that class.} ;)
Its a nice little mini set
if you're looking for something to
take to the hospital to visit a friend,
give to your kiddo's teacher or coach,
or just want coordinating burp cloths for everything your baby wears. ;)


I've had some questions recently in my comments
so I figured I'd answer them in a post
in case someone had the same question:

SaraBethJ said...

I linked to this blog through Emily Anderson (I think!) Just wanted you to know where I came from! I have LOVED each of your party ideas. You are SO creative. I am curious what the blue drink was and if you have a recipe for the cake pops you made as favors. I would love to try making them. Also, did you make your invitations? They turned out great! Nice work mama!

- First of all, thank you SaraBeth! One for reading my blog (I always wonder if I have readers other than my grandma. :) ) and two, for the sweet comments! :)

The blue drink I made for Jett's birthday party was super simple. I googled recipes for a blue punch (figuring there would be a ton out there for baby showers etc.) but didn't see any that looked right or sounded good. So I basically made up my own. All it is is a combination of Sprite (or Sierra Mist, 7up, etc) - cause I was taught that that is a STAPLE for punch ;) - a can of frozen lemonade and white cranberry juice. I just mixed those ingredients until it tasted good. Sounds kinda weird but it turned out pretty good! Oh, and that does NOT turn it blue. So I put a couple of drops of food coloring. ;) (I know, its not nearly as cool now.)

The "cake pops" in the picture are not actually cake pops. I stuck large marshmallows on sticks, dipped them in white chocolate (also tinted blue) and sprinkled them with white sprinkles. Super easy & cute!!

I DID however make brownie pops for my husband's surprise party. I know there are very intricate ways and specific recipes to make these but I wanted simple and fast (I had a lot to do!). I made a 9x13 pan of brownies (HyVee brownie mix - I always get compliments when I make them, lol!), making sure to not overbake them, then I let them cool just enough so that I could handle them without burning myself but making sure they were still kind of gooey and fudgy. I cut quick (messy) squares and rolled them into balls then put them on a plate and stuck them in the freezer for maybe 10 to 15 minutes (this helps them keep their form when you dip them). Then I put sticks in them, dipped them in chocolate and sprinkled them with sprinkles. Really easy! (And much faster than my directions make them seem.) ;)

Yes, I did make the invites! I'll give more details if someone's interested!

Jami Nato said...

such a fun party. although, not loving my muffin top at all in that pic. whatev. i'm eating a choco chip cookie as i write this... LOL

- Jami. That "muffin top" is your baby. You might wanna call your OB. ;)

KayJackson said...

Where are you buying your headbands??

- The headbands I use for my flower headbands are from Target.

Thanks for reading & happy Wednesday!!

snow day

January 11, 2011

I started off yesterday morning
with a text from my mom telling me I should
come spend the snow day at her house.
She spent the day baking
bread, cinnamon rolls, 3 kinds of cookies,
homemade granola (aka. crack) and
made a huge pot of homemade chicken noodle soup.

I spent the day at home instead.
And going stir crazy with my chillins.
But my husband took off early to take Jaymin
sledding so we headed over to my parents' house
for the last hour or two of light.
Then spent the evening eating (of course)
and watching movies.
{my little brother & sister & friends}

Snow days are always more fun with friends & family. :)


Have you checked out Jami's blog?
She's doing a pretty awesome giveaway
for a blog2print book!
Believe it or not, I actually entered. ;)

jettison charles & his first birthday

January 10, 2011

Well, I may be officially "partied-out"
after this crazy December month
but at least two of the men in my life got to celebrate
milestone birthdays in style. ;)
Jett's party had a Dr. Seuss theme.
I know you were all dying to know. ;)
For the centerpieces I stacked up Dr. Suess books
and put a fishbowl on top.
(The hard part was getting rid of the live goldfish at the end of the party) ;)
I ordered these adorable red & white striped straws
for his party but they didn't come in time
so I had to improvise with these not-nearly-as-cute plastic straws.
Jett LOVED his cupcake
...and his party hat...
Ha! Just kidding. Just watch the progression of misery...
This was definitely the popular gift of the day.
My sister-in-law got this for her kids for Christmas
and Jett played with it all of Christmas day
so she thought he needed one of his own.
He likes it.
Jaymin & Jett's great grandma (Granny Lucy)
was able to be with us for the party.
This was even more special because the day of the party (January 1st)
was the first anniversary of her husband's (Grandpa Ed) death.
(He died 4 days after Jett was born.)
It was kind of cool to celebrate one year of life
on that 1st anniversary.
My sweet sister.
She was a gem and an awesome assistant.
She helped me set up the whole party
and it only cost me a $5 bowl of soup from Panera. ;)
Thanks Cass!

Some of my favorite snapshots from the day.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

I'll leave you with this final shot,
taken as we were cleaning up...
Look at that kid's face! Lol!

back in the saddle. well, working on it anyway.

January 5, 2011

I am quite drained mentally right now
and would rather be napping...
but I feel bad neglecting my blog and have lots to post.
So I'm going to post something that requires no brain power today.

This is a gift set I made for a fellow blogger
and was inspired by her love for color and whimsy.
Not sure if her baby ever got to wear it though
since I sent a size newborn and her baby ended up being 9 LBS!!
Oh well.
LOVE this teapot fabric.

Have you seen Emily's blog today?
Her cute kiddos are wearing Africa shirts
that can be purchased in my shop!
Proceeds go to their adoption fund!
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