the toothfairy.

December 8, 2011

My son is officially a big boy.
He has lost his 2 bottom teeth
and has sent them away to the magical toothfairy land...
also known as a box in mom & dad's bedroom.

He lost his first tooth while I was at my sister-in-law's shower.
Apparently, shortly after lunch he came up to my husband
and said, "dad, what's wrong with my tooth?"
Jeff said when he looked in his mouth it was hanging by a thread.
He's only 5 and not even in kindergarten yet
{which according to me is the grade requirement for losing teeth...}
so we hadn't even explained this phenomenon to him yet!
He was quite excited about the toothfairy's visit
and was thrilled to find $2 in change under his pillow in the morning.
Thank goodness we {barely} remembered...that time...

Tooth #2,
Jaymin comes up to me and says,
"mom, I have another loose tooth. Whoops, here it is."
I kid you not.
I told him he has GOT to start telling us when they're loose,
and not falling out of his head!
This time we all forget to put his tooth
under his pillow for a few weeks after losing it,
aaaaaand...when we finally remember one night
he wakes up in the morning and finds just the tooth, no money.
Big time whoops.
Daddy and I crashed the night before.
I have to cover my tracks and protect his innocent imagination
- at least for now -
so I make up an extravagant story about the toothfairy not coming
because he didn't put his tooth under his pillow the day he lost is,
and now what he has to do is write her a letter asking her to come back.
She'll know to stop at our house if the letter and tooth are there together.
Uh-huh, yeah, makes sense, right??
Plus, we get to squeeze in a little homework
and practice our writing.
Those toothfairies a smart little suckers.
("please come back")
This time the letter and tooth combo worked.
Barely. Phew.
We almost missed it again but were thankfully{?}
woken up by little brother at 5 am
and as we {I} fell back in bed my husband said "did you leave Jay money!?"
So he scrounges for change - at 5 am.
And I sneak into Jay's room - at 5 am.
He was up like an hour later.
That was a close one.

Since we now have multiple teeth to keep track of,
side note: does anyone else save their kids teeth??
My mom always did so now I feel obligated to do the same.
I still remember the time when we were cleaning out the kitchen cabinets
and I found a tiny little envelope filled with hundreds
of dried up baby teeth.
Who knows whose was whose,
my mom just tossed all 6 kids' teeth
in that little envelope and called it good.
Gross, right?
I still remember that and yet
I just couldn't bring myself to throw his teeth away.
Is he going to want to see them someday...?
I don't know. Probably not.
But at least if he asks I won't have to say,
"hmm, sorry babe, I threw a piece of your childhood in the trash."
So anyway,
I made this simple little felt bag for all of Jay's teeth.
And I plan on making one for each kid.
For some reason being in a cute little labeled bag
makes keeping the teeth way less gross.Aaaaand, being that I so have this toothfairy stuff DOWN,
here is a very late photo of Jay's missing teeth,
that is now just a photo of his big boy teeth.
At least they still have their bumpy tops...


amy said...

adorable post. adorable tooth bag. adorable kid. :)

jeanna said...

cute! we had to write a note once too. another time, i went searching by myself and magically found the money that they "must have missed"

Kylie Kreikemeier said...

loving the blog! -- your newest follower!

xoxo - kylie

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