a puppy party for jetty

January 12, 2012

I am so excited to share this post with you today!
My little man, Jettison Charles, is officially 2.
His actual birthday is 3 days after Christmas,
but I have been pushing his party into early January.
It gives me {& everyone else!} a break from all the Christmas festivities
and allows me to focus on just him and his special day. :)

About 9 months ago {yes NINE},
I found the perfect party idea for him.
I had practically just wrapped up his dr. seuss party
but he was quickly developing an obsession with dogs
and I ran across a party for actual dogs at OCP.
I figured it could easily be turned into a people puppy party
so that's what I did.
{And just to give credit where credit is due,
that is where I found most of these ideas! :) }Put on a party hat...
{Great tutorial & template here.}
Real live puppies for entertainment sake... :)No, he did not get to keep it.{Forgive my fat face. Apparently I've reached that point in pregnancy.
Yeah, I'm one of those lucky women.}Balls for the puppies to play with. :)This snack was super easy!
Use a dog bone cookie cutter on tortillas,
brush with olive oil, salt & garlic powder & bake!
I served them with hummus, cause this is obviously a healthy party...
Cause there wasn't enough chocolate FOOD...
Little River had the death grip on his. :)
Cupcake time!
I am a person that realizes they have weaknesses & strengths.
Cake/cupcake decorating? Yeah, not a strength.
But I procrastinated a little too long
and my normal girl was all booked up the week of Jett's party
and couldn't make this little puppy cupcake for me.
Next, option - grandma.
Unfortunately she was too busy this week too.
So that leaves mama, and this is what you get. :)
It looks like a pound puppy - lol!At least Jett liked his puppy. :)
Big brother being a good sport for the party. :)
Jetty's girl.
How cute is this present from my sister-in-law!?
She knows me and my love of themes all to well. :)
Of course, some puppy pj's. :)
And apparently someone thought this was a cute angle...
Hello 34 weeks!
Don't forget your doggie bag... :)
These doggie treats are just little bone shaped graham crackers
{Scooby I believe} dipped in chocolate!
I saw these bags on the OCP post and had to have them.
I tried taping stripes across the brown paper bags
so the painted lines would be perfect,
but every kind of tape I used tore up the paper.
So I decided to just free hand the stripes with black acrylic paint!
I think it worked out just fine! :)

The party was a success,
real puppies and all. :)
No injuries to the poor things and only a couple of accidents. :)
I was pretty thrilled with the fact that I actually finished setting up
AN HOUR EARLY - what??
That is SO not like me.
I asked my husband if that meant I should have done more - lol!
He called me a crackhead. :)


audrey said...

i will slap you for saying that your face was fat in that photo. NO IT WASN'T. weirdo. what a great idea! doggie bags...brilliant!

Allyson C. said...

seriously over the top. love it!!! if i miss your next party, i might go crazy. just sayin.

Leanne said...

so stinkin cute!! Sad we missed but looks like you all had a great time!

Jami Nato said...

um that angle was cute because your body is ROCKING. and your face is not and never shall be fat.

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