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January 19, 2012

First of all,
I just want to say THANK YOU
to everyone that gave me name suggestions on my last post!
I was blown away at how many I got here on my blog,
by email and facebook!! :)

I will say that the name I want to give our baby girl was mentioned... ;)

Our sweet Jemma's name was suggested.
As well as Jem
{you know, from the 80's tv show? I love that show!
I mean, how could you not?? She had pink hair and big pink magic earrings!
I would totally name my daughter that, but its just too close to Jemma. :) }
Also, I like the name Jayma.
But its pretty much a combo of Jaymin {my son}
and Jemma {our baby we lost}.
Too confusing.
So, that's out.

I've always wanted to have a daughter and name her Jade
but its just too dang common these days.
But I really like this spelling, Jayde.
So pretty.

Lots of people like Jovi.
It's cute but not quite right for us. :)

I love Jane.
{Huge Jane Austin fan here.}
But I like it better for a middle name and don't think I'll do double "J's".

My husband and I have also always talked about naming
a daughter of ours Jocelyn.
He has a teenage cousin by that name and we love it.
She goes by "Jocie" - so cute. :)
But again, its getting too common and it gets confusing
have repeated names in families.

I've considered Juniper & Jiana & Julian & Jenevive...

But I will end with this...
Someone mentioned a name my husband and I BOTH liked!
I don't know if we'll use it for sure but its a start. :)
And we don't commit to names until our babes are in our arms
so when I know - you'll know. ;)

So, I have reached that point in pregnancy of no sleep.
{You know, that part you forget about...}
And I am a girl who needs her sleep and I sleep DEEPLY.
But now when I lay down to go to bed,
I can't fall asleep until 12 or 1,
I can't get comfortable in ANY position,
my arms & legs fall asleep no matter how I lay,
I wake up just to turn over
{cause I practically need a forklift to make that happen},
and usually end up peeing while I'm "awake",
and my trusty friend, heartburn, usually shows up.
No fun.
At least that means this little girl might have hair! ;)
Do you believe that old wives tale??
I know pregnancy heartburn is caused by your
big belly pushing your stomach acid up,
but its actually been true 2 out of 2 times for me! :)
Tons of heartburn with Jaymin,
hardly any with Jett.
{hello baby monkey}
{this is considered bald in my family ;) }

Thank goodness heartburn is the one thing I can fix.
When I was pregnant with Jaymin my dad
(lover of homeopathy and all things narcotic-free...and a chiropractor)
didn't want me taking tums and pepto bismal, etc.
so he found and recommended Alka Seltzer Gold.
And it is GLORIOUS.Well, it tastes like crap but you just slam it and you're done.
It works crazy fast and its great to know you're not giving your body
or your baby drugs they don't need.
This crazy girl has even given me esophogeal spasms.
Yeah. I had to look that one up too.
I woke up one night with what I thought was chest pain
- and asked myself, can you have a heartattack while pregnant?? -
and realized it was more in my esophagus.
Anyway, its linked with heartburn and indigestion.

I've also discovered that its not JUST the food I eat.
{Like the roasted red pepper soup I want every day for lunch.}
I can also get heartburn when I get really worked up.
Like, rushing around doing errands, bending and lifting,
stressing out, yelling at my kids, etc.
Weird, huh?
And my heartburn will actually calm down when I do as well.
But when its too bad I'm glad I have something I can take.

So this is basically Alka Seltzer without any added cold or flu medications.
So I guess just the effervescent.
The only problem is most pharmacies don't stock it.
You have to order it specifically
and most pharmacists will look at you like you're crazy
cause they've never heard of it.
But as soon as they look it up in their system
they realize you're not a crazy pregnant lady.
So its a bummer that you can't send your hubby
out in the middle of the night to buy it so you can sleep
but you'll just have to plan ahead a little and order a couple of boxes.

This little tip has been free of charge.
You're welcome. ;)

Happy Weekend :)


Allyson C. said...

love those sweet newborn pics. SOOOOO precious!!! stop making me want another newborn. seriously. i'll just have to snuggle yours. a LOT. read through the names from yesterday. my votes are jules or juniper (but call her june, or juni). i loved the name june, and would have used it with our last pregnancy if it would have been a singleton girl. its my grammie's name, and obviously my birth month. =) coulda woulda shoulda though....right??

Alaythea said...

Well I am partial to Jiana because I assume you say it the same as Gianna which is my daughter's name! But I will say Gianna has become quite common as well. I love her name because it's the Italian form of Jane which was my Grandmother's name and she's passed now. But I do wish I had gone with someone a little more "out there" especially since she's our only child. But seriously, I'm DYING to hear what you guys name this little munchkin!!!

The Thibault Fam said...

I don't know if they were said or not, but i like Jaylyn (although close to Jaymin) and Jorgia (like Georgia) and my personal fav... Jenabelle! :)

The Thibault Fam said...

whoops sorry! forgot i posted yesterday, just got excited about baby names :)

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