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December 13, 2011

I know this time of year lots of blogs
are showing homemade gift ideas but what's a few more?? :)
First of all, have you seen Em's "made with love"
series she's doing this month?A diy gift idea from a guest blogger every Monday!
They've been super cute so far!
I'll be a guest blogger over there as well so keep a look out!

Oh, and have you seen Jami's homemade cookie dough idea??
Absolutely LOVE this!
I mean, its so simple but I just canNOT get over it! :)

Last Christmas I made headbands for all my girlfriends.
{As well as for myself and any other "girl" gift I was giving away...}
Rolling flowers is super simple
and its a great way to use scraps of fabric
and embellishments you already have lying around!
For my niece last year
I made her a half apron (very simple)
and a matching headband.
Last year for teacher gifts
all I did was make homemade toffee
and put it in mason jars with a cute label.
I'm pretty sure that's what I'm going to do again this year.
You can download my labels if you'd like to use them!
If you have loved ones who live far away,
a care package is definitely the way to go!
This is what I did for mother's day this year
but it would be a great Christmas gift too!
Especially the homemade soap and scrub!
{recipes here}

I love these wrappings by One Charming Party!
With a "how-to"...
And like I said,
I have another fun idea coming your way!
Check Em's blog next week for details!

{more ideas from last year}


30 weeks today.
The end is in sight...

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