goodbye etsy

January 3, 2012

My post-Christmas/New Year's
to-do list is pretty long.
{Apparently I'm doing to-do lists instead of resolutions
but simplifying is always a theme in my life.}
But most of the tasks on there are long overdue
or exciting or both!
It includes things like moving Jett into Jaymin's room,
working on the {GIRL!!!} nursery,
burning photo cd's and deleting files from my computer,
and even scrapbooking...
(let's take votes to see if that one's going to happen.)

But a big one that I've been contemplating for awhile
is moving my shop out of etsy and to my blog only.
My sales have slowed down
but I've found it difficult to even complete the ones I get.
Life is just full and I will admit my true passion lies elsewhere...
So if you go to my etsy location,
you'll find a little note from me, sending you back here. :)

I've simplified & narrowed down my products
to a few favorite sets which can be found {& purchased!}
by clicking on the "my shop" tab.
I still enjoy making unique sets to give away
or when I get special requests from friends
and custom orders are always worth asking about!
Whether or not I can accommodate them
just depends on where I'm at in life. :)
So just shoot me an email if you ever have any questions!

Here's a custom order I did for a sweet couple in our church
to give as a Christmas gift...I love how it turned out.
It's kind of whimsical. :)

I also did these sibling shirts a few months ago
and never got the chance to blog them...Fun. :)

Aaaaaaand a little belly update for ya...
33 weeks today!
This child will be here in {most likely} less than 7 weeks!
And I know this is the opposite of what most pregnant women say,
but I need time to sloooooooooooow down - lots to do!
And I'm gonna have a kid, a newborn & a Jett - yikes.
3 against one.
I think I'll enjoy this pregnancy a little longer. ;)


Jami Nato said...

yay yay yay for slowing down! you can get back to etsy after baby comes. ha. but maybe. :)

Brooke Rodgers said...

Love it Chels!! Hope all is well, muah!

Craftaholic said...

I understand more than you know! One of my New Years Resolutions was to drop my cake orders down, because it's getting crazy & I, like you, continue to see my home life getting busier & busier. Ive already broken that promise this month but sincerely hope I can hold my ground the rest of the year. Best of luck and good for you!!

Janet Field said...

Ahhhh . that bab 's looking great! Are you carrying a girl? Thanks for sharing. Seven weeks ... I'll keep up with you now! You always have great births (that would be a positive suggestion from a Hypnotherapist/Doula!)

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