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December 15, 2011

Here's my own little
"christmas home tour"
for 2011.
Most of my decor stays the same from year to year
but its always fun to tweak this and that
and perfect your style.
And with my new kitchen and living room setup
it was even more fun!
And I've been having a blast
with my camera at night with all the pretty Christmas lights
- something I used to loathe since my point & shoot couldn't handle it -
so I thought it would be fun to show my house in the 2 different settings.
The wreath I made last year.
My new entry table decked out for Christmas.
The greenery is real {thanks mom!}
and I had everything else on hand.
Our {real} tree.
Pretty sure this is the last year I can handle real.
See all the pine needles on the floor??
Yeah, I'm SO over it.
The best part of decorating for Christmas... :)
A favorite ornament from my childhood tree.
I used to have 4.
Was down to 3 this year.
Thanks to Jett throwing them like baseballs
onto the hardwood floor,
I am now down to 1.
Sad face.
I got these cute little glass clip on ornaments from the dollar store.
Can you believe that?
I might actually be officially hooked.
No thanks to this girl.
My mom found these GORG glass trees at Sams or Costco this year.
A set of 3 for like 10 bucks.
I love the vintage/retro mercury glass look they have.
My favorite Christmas piece.
I was too scared to hang it on the tree this year
{see rose ornament}
and thought I'd give it a {safer} more centralized location on the mantle. :)
My mother-in-law started my Fontanini Nativity collection
when Jeff and I got married.
It's nice cause its pretty but unbreakable.I could say this is how the Nativity SHOULD look,
but I have to admit...I love that it looks like this most of the time.
My boys love playing with it.
Especially baby Jesus.
Jett puts him in the manger and says "ni-ni baby, shhhh"
and kisses him. :)
And my kitchen...
This cluster of Christmas and yarn wrapped balls
actually came directly from Starbucks a few years ago.
My mom and I fell in love with their decor that year
and tracked down a store that hadn't promised all their decor
to their employees.
This is where I got the idea for the yarn balls in my wreath.
I've had this "joy" sign for YEARS
and absolutely love it.
My mom made it for me and actually made it vertical
but this year I decided to restring it horizontally
and hang it across my shelves.
And of course,
I have to have my jar of silver bells.
They migrated into the kitchen from my living room mantle
after I got my new glass trees. :)
I think they fit in nicely.
And my sweet boy after his bath.
Christmas lights just make every night feel magical...
don't you think?


audrey said...

i love that ornament! and what a great and night christmas decor!

nancy said...

Chels, did you know Jeff has the nativity tree ornament (he got it from our church when he graduated from high school). At least he used to have it!! LOL

Jami Nato said...

everything is so so so cute.
and welcome to the magic of the dollar store. the Lord has smiled upon you.

jeanna said...

your kiddos will love this!! i do too.

Natassia @ Nat's Knapsack said...

Hi I am new to your blog and just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed catching up!! Have a Merry Christmas! God bless!!!

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