christmas is over...

December 29, 2011

...and I'm still recovering.
Not from the abundance of amazing food.
Or gifts galore.
Or even late nights.
Just plain old cold/sinus infection/stomach bug fun.
We actually had a great 4-day Christmas extravaganza
{yes, 4 days straight of Christmases,
apparently we're trying to transition into Hanukkah}
but Christmas Eve my littlest puked on the way to church
- all over his adorable outfit that he was pretty much going to wear ONCE -
I was pretty bummed about missing the candlelight service
but what are ya gonna do?
He missed the Christmas Eve festivities at home
but woke up stellar on Christmas morning and has been great since.
The day after Christmas it hits my oldest.
At Chick-fil-a.
And our car.
And our house.
All night long.
I don't know too many details however,
as I put myself to bed early only to wake up for my own sesh
at 4am.
The next day was spent in bed recovering,
but at least this stupid bug that's been hitting the entire
western hemisphere only lasts about 24 hours.
So I'm back on my feet
...with a mile long to-do list.
So here's Christmas,
in the smallest nutshell I could manage. :)

First up,
a little holiday baking at Grandma's.
And some of her delicious apple cider to get me going.Don't let Jett fool you.
He's really just eating the dough.And probably telling me "no" here.
{Apparently Grandma thought he needed his bangs gelled back to bake}
Rolling bon bons.
Pulling taffy with my mom.Jeez, looks like somebody has been indulging in too many holiday goodies...

I walked around and took some photos of my mom's
elaborate Christmas decor.
I wish I would have gotten some of my mom Melissa's as well.
Her decor was SO cute this year {okay, every year}.
Their styles really differ from one another,
but I feel like the style I've developed for myself falls right in the middle. :)
And the only decent photo I got of the kids opening gifts...
It was a tornado of activity, wrapping paper, & noise.
But fun, as usual. :)

Christmas with Mimi.
Her and my stepdad came to each house to watch {& enjoy}
the grandkids open gifts.
Then we went to their house a few days later for
a big Christmas celebration with food & family.
This is the only half way decent picture I got all night.
My children were blurs in the rest.
Here are the gloves I brought to the girl gift exchange.
I got a sudden inspiration {craving?} for cranberry and off-white. :)My mom and stepdad recently redid their bedroom
in all shades of brown & cream.
It looks great and my mom loved the ruffle pillows
I made for my sister-in-law's shower
so I made her one for Christmas with chocolate and taupe satiny fabric.
I love how it turned out!

And finally,
our very own little Christmas...Here's Jay on Christmas Eve...
all dressed up with no place to go.We made the most of our night though.
Polar Express, popcorn & hot chocolate around the Christmas tree.
Jaymin was so cute this year.
Him and daddy sprinkled {okay, dumped} "reindeer food" outside
and he also asked to put out cookies and milk for Santa. :)My mom always assigned a wrapping paper per kid when I was growing up
and my friend emily does the same.
But she also puts a scrap of paper in the bottom of her kids stocking
so they know which gifts are theirs.
I love this idea and decided to do it this year.I also adopted the 3 gift tradition from another girlfriend.
{Just can't remember which one.}
Jesus was given 3 gifts - gold, frankincense & myrrh.
Emily also does 3 gifts per kid and does a want, a need & a surprise.
I like that and did it this year, kind of without even realizing it.
I think its important to set limits
and stay grounded when it comes to gift buying for your kids.
As our debt grows smaller and our paychecks grow larger,
it would be so easy to buy and buy and buy.
I mean, we love our kids and we love to see them excited and happy.
But receiving gifts is so NOT what I want my kids
to think Christmas is all about.
And so, no matter how much or how little
Jeff and I have in our bank account,
my kids will receive 3 gifts.
And as they grow older,
they will learn more and more about giving to others
and the ultimate joy that brings.

Merry Christmas. :)


Allyson C said...

yay! you are back in the land of the living!! loved seeing a peek into your christmas.... hope to see a whole lot more of YOU (like, in person) soon!!

Jami Nato said...

it seems like everyone got the bug this year! looks like christmas was fun. i enjoyed reading it all...

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