christmas happenings.

December 20, 2011

Ready for 3 Christmas events in 1 post??
Yeah, I don't feel like blogging about each one,
but they need to be documented,
basically because my children are adorable.
There, I said it.
We all knew I was thinking it. ;)

First up is Jay's preschool program.
My photog friends are gonna cringe at these photos
cause I had to use my flash half the time.
I did my best but photographing low/weird lighting events is tough!
And I still have A LOT to learn.
Jay sitting with his class.
How cute is this live Nativity scene??
Mary and Joseph kinda started fighting half way through though.
Maybe they were trying to make it more realistic...?Daddy entertaining Jetty with my phone.
Videos from Branson.
It worked for like 5 seconds.
He's actually singing!
Did you notice how my son is a head taller than the rest of his class?
Yeah, that means we probably should have put him
in Kindergarten this year.
But keeping him in preschool makes him appear smarter AND bigger, lol!
Just kidding of course, deciding to opt out of Kindergarten
this year was a highly researched and well thought out decision.
And I only regret it every other day when he's not in school
and I wish he was - lol!
Jaymin and his idol - my 14-year-old brother.
Our celebratory dinner at Panera.

A couple of Saturdays ago,
we actually had nothing going on
and I wanted to do something fun and Christmasy with just our family,
before the chaos of gigantic family gatherings ensued.
So we headed downtown to Crown Center and walked around for a bit...
The boys loved this huge gingerbread city.
Its really incredible!Then we had dinner at Fritz's.
And I know Fritz's is old news to most Kansas City locals
but we had actually never been!
This blurred picture cracks me up
cause it shows the actual fight it took
to get Jett to wear his hat for 2 seconds.
In the end Daddy just held his arms down so I could take a picture. :)
This picture makes me laugh too.
You order your food with the telephone at your booth
and then a little train on an electric track delivers it to your table!
The boys went gaga over this.
When our food was delivered Jett said, "thank you train"- lol!
I love this one too cause Jaymin cannot stop pointing at things
even to take a picture. :)

After dinner we went to Union Station
to check out their incredible Christmas train exhibit.
A whole city of miniature trains.
The boys loved it.
After that we drove through the Plaza so the boys could see the lights
{and Daddy could cuss at the traffic}
and I had this whole elaborate plan of getting hot chocolate and
gingerbread cookies I had see at Panera.
Aaaaaand of course Panera was out.
Thank goodness I hadn't said anything to the boys yet.
We've learned not to tell them ANYTHING until we are driving there,
they are eating it, or it is happening at that very moment.
Too many things have been canceled or not worked out
and the devastation it causes is just not worth it.
That or they'll drive us crazy asking about it for weeks on end
until it happens. :)

And finally,
Jay's Christmas program at church.
The kids were so cute and did a great job.
Jaymin's cousin Nevaeh in the front in red.
And Jetty living it up in the church coffeeshop...
You can always find him here...
Scrounging for snacks...
Off the floor, in trash cans, off someone else's plate...
And leaving the evidence on his face.

Merry Christmas!


Alaythea said...

Your kid is certainly the cutest in his class!!! Love his hair. And he looks JUST like your brother - wow! Such fun Christmas activities!

SaraBethJ said...

We did the same thing with our 5 yr. old twins. One more year of preschool. Kinder next year. BEST decision we have made with them, especially since they are late summer b-days. Fritz's looks really cool. We have nothing like that in CO!

Shell in your Pocket said...

What cute pictures and seasonal fun!

sandy toe

Anonymous said...

I had to send this post to my girlfriend who is in one of the pictures and must be your son's preschool teacher! Funny. She said what a wonderful family you all are.

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