what I wore {in mexico}

November 10, 2011

I've never been good at doing ANYTHING
that requires a weekly commitment with my blog,
like embrace the camera (which is today people!)
or anything in the "what I wore" category
so this post is probably as close as I'll ever get. :)

I had an interesting time putting together my wardrobe for our vacation
being that I needed tropical climate clothing,
it was October so summer clothes were out of season,
and I'm pregnant.
But I was pretty happy with how it turned out so I thought I'd share,
just in case I could possibly provide a small amount of inspiration
to be creative with your own wardrobe.

*You'll see a price next to the items and that's just what I spent for this trip,
$0 means I already had the item. :)

The first night at the resort we went to dinner and a happy hour
to meet up with friends & fam.
dress: $29
(not maternity)
A couple of months back I was shopping at our new Anthropologie
with A when we found this dress in the sale section.
It was PERFECT for a trip to Mexico and fit my bump just right. :)
It was originally $100. Yeah right.
It was on sale for $50. A good deal but still out of my price range.
Allyson and our friend that works there were like,
there is no way its going to go any cheaper than that.
So, despite my fashionista friend's best efforts, I went home without it.
A few weeks later (fyi: Anthro sale items NEVER last that long)
A called me and said they still had my dress, in my size, and it was now
an additional 40% off!!
She put it on hold and I picked it up asap. :)

necklace: $0
I've had this turquoise necklace for years.
It has always been a little too short
& I often wouldn't wear it because of that.
So I added some length to the chain in the back and its just right now.

gold hoop earrings: $0

shoes: $0
Old Navy

gold earrings: $0
I ended up wearing this dress again later on in the week
and wore these bigger gold earrings & no necklace.
I added the coin pearls earlier this year
cause I always felt like they were lacking something.

The next day we did a little sightseeing.
{me and my sister "modeling" our new eyelashes
my sister-in-law put on us :) }

{sightseeing in Isla}

white top: $0

I got this top when I was pregnant with Jaymin.
I'm pretty sure it had an ugly little flower on it that I snipped off.
Now its a staple white shirt when I'm preggo.

black top: $0
(not maternity)
I've had this shirt for a long time
but never really liked how it looked without a bump
so its now one of my favorite "maternity" shirts.
It's really long and stretches well - the 2 requirements :) -
and the little wooden circle makes it a fun summer/beach piece.

shorts: $0
These were hand-me-down green cargo capris
that I got from someone when I was pregnant with Jaymin.
They were too baggie and too long.
So I put a tighter seam in to make them tighter on my legs
then I cut off the extra length, finished & rolled the hem
and tacked it down making them much cuter long shorts.

earrings: $8

watch: $0


That night was the "rehearsal dinner".
dress: $0
(not maternity)
I borrowed this dress from my sweet friend Jenn
who has recently become obsessed with thrifting,
much to the benefit of her girlfriends. ;)
I SO don't want to give this back!

earrings: $3.80
Forever 21

bracelets: $0
I made these stretch bracelets and had all the supplies already on hand!

shoes: $0
Old Navy

The next day was the wedding.{my sister-in-law was a life saver
and fixed me and my sister's hair - I LOVED mine!}

dress: $17
(not maternity)
I had a $35 shop credit at Ruche that I put towards this dress
- I thought paying $17 was a pretty good deal
for this totally beachy & flowy seafoam green dress. :)

necklace: $0

earrings: $0

Urban Outfitters
A was awesome and let me borrow her favorite earrings
that were just perfect for this outfit.

bracelets: $0

That night we caught the ferry to Isla.
top: $0
(not maternity)

shorts: $0
(not maternity)
I bought these purple-ish gray capris on clearance
a couple of summers ago.
I was pregnant then too and they had an elastic waistband (score),
but they weren't super flattering, the legs were too wide.
So I chopped them off and hemmed them to make them into shorts
and now I love them!

bracelet: $0

matte silver hoops: $0


I was in a bikini pretty much the rest of time
and I of course repeated some clothing items.
So if my math is correct,
it looks like I spent a total of $57.80 on my vacation wardrobe.
Not bad, huh? :)

Are you sick of vacation photos yet?
Well no worries, I'm wrapping it up.
Wedding & reception photos & details coming up next. :)


Allyson said...

i love it! well done, indeed!! =) you look gorgeous, as per usual. although, you'd look beautiful in a potato sack as well.

Leanne said...

You did such a good job picking outfits! I LOVED all the earrings you chose, which is funny, because I hardly ever wear earrings! Guess I need to shop for some:)

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