the wedding.

November 15, 2011

My baby brother is married.
He's my baby brother because he's 4 years younger than me.
Because I fed him pureed peas.
And sat with him during bath time.
I forced him to play house and we always had a pair of unusual pets...
hamsters {Lacy & Lucy, Bill & Ted}, newts,
african dwarf frogs {what were my parents thinking?}.
Anytime I see any photos or videos from his wedding,
tears come, unwelcome and unexpectedly.
He's a man.
He's a man with a wife, a house & two dogs.
But to me, when I look at him, my heart will always recognize him
as the 2-year-old he once was...

The bride & her mothers, watching the storm roll in.
Their wedding was not a fantasy wedding.
Hurricane winds & rain can do that to a special day.
But it was honestly so fitting for my brother.
Wild & unconventional.
And the couple took it all in stride, smiling the whole way.
Long story short,
the ceremony began at the gazebo
and quickly turned into a mad dash to the hotel lobby
where the "I do's" commenced.
I had my sister take this picture of the chandelier
swaying in the gforce winds.
It wasn't what they had pictured,
but in the end, they were united in marriage before God
{cause he's everywhere you know, even in hotel lobbies ;) }
and their loved ones.
And that was enough to make them glow with pride & joy.

the annoying little brother I once couldn't STAND
hugged me so tight, telling me he loved me.I love this photo of my dad's hands taken during the ceremony.
These hands could tell the story of his life.
Of his trials & tribulations.
Joys & successes.
These hands are the symbol of an amazing father.
The beautiful wedding video...

Colby + Angie - Cancun Mexico Highlights

from Robert G. Weddings on Vimeo.

About a week after we got home from Mexico,
the happy couple had a beautiful reception downtown
at the Kauffman Performing Arts Center
to celebrate their union with all their loved ones & friends.
If you have not been in the brand new, incredible facility yet
I highly recommend taking a peak sometime.
It is breathtaking.Being that Colby & Angie don't have children yet,
they wanted all of their nieces & nephews at the reception.
I say this because I am expecting a written apology from them
as soon as they have a toddler of their own. ;)
Oh yeah, and I was husband-less that night.
And in heels.
And a dress.
But I survived the evening
...sort of.

My children in dress clothes of course
meant a quick little photo shoot...Why are there so many of Jaymin?
Oh right, cause Jett was a blur
from the moment we stepped foot in the building.

Family photos.
Hey, who's the single mom with 2 kids?... ;)
The bride & groom with all the kiddos...
They have made it quite clear they'll be waiting
a few years before adding to the chaos. :)
You can sort of see my outfit here.
Allyson was a fashion lifesaver once again and let me borrow this dress.
I wish I had a better shot of it.
It is a BEAUTIFUL purple-ish gray vintage looking dress.
My sister-in-law was pretty swamped that day
styling the bride & bridesmaids so I was on my own for hair.
I did a really simple style with 3 mini buns at the back of my head.
It wasn't as cool as my beach 'do
but I liked it a lot and will probably do it again!Jaymin enjoying his a martini glass
{as I watched in anticipated horror}.
This picture cracks me up.
Look at Jett in the background getting the royal treatment...
I love this picture for a couple of reasons.
One, its a great photo of my dad and baby boy.
My dad is who Jett is named after (Jettison Charles).
{By the way, Jett's saying "sheeee" (cheese). :) }
And because after taking the photo and showing it to them,
Jett identified "frampa" (as always) and himself for the first time. :)Jaymin breakdancing the night away {with cousin Lane}. :)

Overall it was a fun night.
A beautiful party with lots of friends & family.
I missed out on a lot of the special events of the evening,
but that's to be expected with chasing a toddler alone all night.
We stayed as long as the boys could hang on,
and I finally called it a night when Jett was trying to dance
on the dance floor...while laying down.

Ok, ONE more wedding post to go.
Just a few crafts I made to help out the bride-to-be.
Then I SWEAR I am moving on to another topic. :)


everydaymomma said...

WHat a beautiful video, it made me all teary eyed,thanks for sharing!

Jami Nato said...

that video is fab.
also, your boobs are fab. omg, where did those come from?! haha. the Lord. obvi.

congrats to your brother!

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