wedding wrap-up

November 17, 2011

I made just a couple of crafts for the never-ending wedding.
Their colors were ivory, gray and eggplant.
Ang bought these basic garters at Michaels
and asked me to embellish them with some purple flowers...

She also asked me to make some door hangers for the goodie bags
she was handing out to all of their guests in Mexico.
I did a quick design on the computer,
printed them on cardstock (3 per sheet),
punched a giant hole at the top & rounded the corners,
then glued purple punched out flowers & pearls in the corner.
They were super simple!
I also made larger flowers like the ones on the garters
for the flower girl dresses & hairbows but I didn't snag a photo.

And here's 26 weeks for ya...


But don't worry.
No twins.
According to my midwife I am measuring right at 26 weeks.
And when I gave her the
skeptical "you're just trying to make me feel better" look,
she looked up my records with Jett and it turns out
my weight gain is identical so far, to the pound, to the week.
And this was scary...
I start going in for checkups every 2 weeks now!
And you know what else is scary?
The fact that the next 2 months are jam packed with
traveling, holidays, parties, family events & who knows what else.
Which means I'm going to blink and she's gonna be here.

Have a great weekend! :)


amy said...

you are so cute! i cannot wait to see that little girl!

Jami Nato said...

you're out of control.
so cute.

Allyson C. said...

you. look. ADORBABLE. seriously. stop it.


SaraBethJ said...

You look amazing! I am so excited you are getting a girl! We have twin boys and then a girl. It is so wonderful! Loved all your outfit from your trip. Super stylish mama!


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