thankful...a week late

December 1, 2011

Since I wasn't able to post on Thanksgiving Day
and share what I'm thankful for I thought I would do that today.
And what better to include in this post than the incredible family photos
we had taken this year by the ever so talented Allyson.

Since I have the tendency to be long winded,
especially when it comes to what I'm thankful for...
I thought I'd give my top 10.
And that forces me to have a cutoff. :)
Cause honestly, I really could spend the rest of my life just listing
all the many ways the Lord has blessed me.

1. my Savior
Of course I have to start this list with my heavenly Father
and his Son Jesus Christ and the sacrifice they made for MY sin
so that I might not be separated from their love forever.
Whenever I think about Jesus carrying the sin of the world,
BECOMING sin, all for me, and you, and whoever else wants His free gift,
it brings me to my knees.
I don't deserve it.
And I could never afford it.
Thank goodness its free.2. my husband
I am so very thankful for my incredible husband
who works so hard to provide for his family,
loves his children with a fierceness,
and treats me like I'm the most beautiful woman in the world.
I am so thankful for the man he has become
and all we have been through together that has strengthened
our bond and commitment to one another.3. my firstborn
I am so thankful for Jaymin and the joy he brings to me.
He made me a mother, which is such a big part of who I am,
and he was exactly what I thought he would be.
He is so intelligent and sharp
and such a funny mix of little boy and big kid.
He amazes me with his desire {and ability} to think and understand.
4. Jettison
Oh little man, where do I start? This kid has been nothing I expected.
First I thought he was a girl.
Nope. Baby boy #2.
Then I thought he would act and look just like Jaymin.
Nope. He looks just like me
(I never thought that would happen)
and is the craziest, stubbornest, silliest, busiest,
and most capable 2-year-old I've ever known.
He makes me laugh the hardest and makes me yell the loudest.

5. Jemma
I am thankful for Jemma.
For the short little life that she lived.
I'm thankful that I don't have to worry about her anymore.
That she was placed directly into the loving arms of Jesus,
without ever having set foot on this earth.
Mothers will worry about their children until the day they die,
but I don't have to worry about Jemma.
She won't ever be hurt, or sad, or make bad decisions.
She will only ever know light and love and joy.
And I'm also thankful for her story,
and the way she may have touched the lives of others
and given them hope.
And really, I'm thankful for the way the loss of her
drove me even tighter into the arms of my heavenly Father
as they surrounded me
in a time of despair that I never anticipated in my own life.6. my baby girl
Oh my, am I thankful for this baby girl growing inside of me.
I feel so very blessed that I don't struggle to conceive
and that God gave me another chance at carrying life.
This little girl is a gift, a promise, that God may give and that He may take,
but that He is always, always sovereign.
7. my family
I am so thankful for my big, crazy, dysfunctional family.
I am thankful I have such awesome loving and supportive parents.
That adore my children and do so much for us.
I am so thankful for my in-laws and how wonderful they are to me,
loving and caring for me like their own daughter.
I am thankful that my boys have so many grandparents, aunts,
uncles and cousins that love them so much.
And I am thankful for my little brother and the commitment of marriage
he made to his long-time love this year.

8. my girlfriends

I know I spent some time talking about how much my girlfriends
mean to me here, but they have become such an important part of my life,
of my functioning, my survival, that's its worth mentioning again.
I need girlfriends.
All women do. And if you're a mother, they are your lifeline.
I don't get to see these wonderful women much,
but they are always there when I really need them
and we are practically giddy when we do get to hang.
9. my home
Yes, I am thankful for our old little townhouse.
It provides shelter, protection, warmth, all the things we need.
We have a functioning kitchen, a playroom full of toys,
warm beds to sleep in.
That in itself is a luxury for the majority of the world,
and a hard fact to ignore this time of year
when the weather is turning bitter and those in need seem so prevalent.
This home also allows us to pay a low rent, for lots of space,
while we pay off our debt, get on our feet,
and prepare to buy our own home.

10. our income
Having an income is a huge huge blessing.
I know that now, after going almost a year without one a few years ago.
I'm also thankful for the kind of income my husband makes as well.
For his bonuses, extra side jobs and rewards for doing well.
All of these things have enabled us to do incredible things this year,
while still paying our debt snowball and moving forward.
And one of the things I love the most is giving our tithe regularly
and giving extra financial gifts often.
This job of his was a huge burning bush and saving grace when it came,
and we cannot ignore the way
the Lord has showered blessings down on us through it.

So much for being long winded huh? ;)
I guess when you have so much to be thankful for,
its hard to give the short version.

I hope you all had a very happy thanksgiving,
spent with loving family and friends,
and that your hearts are full and prepped
for this wonderful Christmas season we are headed into.

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amy said...

fabulous post. may God continue to bless you always. your pics are amazing!

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