our trip to redneck las vegas

November 29, 2011

So like I said,
we took a week long Thanksgiving trip
to Branson, Misery...ahem, I mean MISSOURI. ;)
We had a great time.
I mean, hello, we were in Redneck Las Vegas.
It doesn't get much better than that. ;)
I'm sorry, you just can't help but make fun of Branson.
The shows. The people. The hair.
We were in Target on Black Friday,
and I saw some of the biggest hair I have EVER seen in real life.
Times THREE!
Either 3 sisters or a mom and 2 daughters...couldn't tell for sure.
And they had so much makeup on my husband said you could probably
shoot them in the face and they wouldn't feel it.
A little graphic but I bet you can picture it now, huh? ;)

We stayed in Jeff's grandma's super nice time share
and had plenty of time to hang and relax {I took a nap almost every day}
but we also managed to do a TON while we were there.

One day we drove out to Springfield
and went to the biggest {or first or best, one of those...}Bass Pro Shop
(my husband's suggestion, go figure) and went to Lambert's for lunch.
Lambert's is a restaurant where they seriously throw hot rolls at your head
and serve gargantuan amounts of fried homestyle food.
Gotta love the midwest.

We had a girls day and a guys day.
Us girls went shopping and had lunch at a quaint little tearoom
and the guys went golfing for their day.

We also had a "parents night out"
which did not include Nana and Papa who volunteered to babysit - score!
So Jeff and I and his sister and her husband went to the Dixie Stampede.
I mean, you haven't lived unless you've been to
Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede. ;)
I highly recommend it.

Thanksgiving Day we needed to kill a little time
before dinner so we took the kiddos on a little nature walk.
We threw rocks into the lake for like 30 minutes
and they were thrilled. :)Have I mentioned I'm on Instagram?
Oh wait, you have to have an iphone to use Instagram...?
Wellll...whatdya know?
A little {gorgeous} early Christmas present for mama. ;)
{Ok people, just to clear the air, we're not splurgers or credit card users.
Our contract was up, our phones were dead/dying or lost in Mexico
(maybe on purpose, maybe not...
I'll never know the truth behind my husband's tactics)
and I've been pining for an ilove, I mean iPHONE, since the first version.
And we had the cash. ;) }1.) We're only about 4 hours from the big "B"and we left after naps (my kids do not sleep in the car) so dinnertime on the road was unavoidable. And good ol' Missouri had about 2 options for us...McDonalds or Burger King. And when my husband looked to me for a decision I stuck my nose in the air, crossed my arms and "huh-rumphed". Because to me Chick-fil-a is the ONLY acceptable fast food restaurant and that's because their food is made by angels. I think you can guess where we ended up going. At least it was a cute photo opp. ;)

2.) My sister-in-law and I had to run to walmart for a few things (that's an adventure in itself let me tell you... peopleofwalmart.com would've had a hay day with all of our sightings) and while walking down the clothing isle we looked to our right and there was a huge doorway, like into another dimension. We step closer and realize its a mall...that's right next door. Its connected to walmart and there is an actual performer on this stage singing with a small crowd of 80-year-old onlookers that look like they wish they were dead. You know the look I'm talking about. You can't make this stuff up people.

3.) Just chillin' on a lazy morning...while brushing his teeth and wearing my Uggs.

4.) Jeff and I on a little date. We saw the movie "In Time"...it was super cool. And then went to this AWESOME 50's diner for dessert. We seriously ate a funnel cake. Topped with powdered sugar. And strawberry goo. And ice cream. And whipped cream. It was amazing. This diner also had burgers and fries, slices of pizza, pie, ice cream...basically all the things you dream about as a pregnant black hole. :)

And Jaymin probably wins the award for coolest outing.
Nana and Papa took him and his cousin Sierra to the Polar Express.
It's a real train ride, that's decorated for Christmas,
the kids all wear their pajamas and
they get served hot chocolate and cookies
as they drive to the North Pole and meet Santa and his elves.
The tickets were super expensive (thanks Nana & Papa!)
and it was quite an ordeal getting them...
But the kids were on cloud 9 when we picked them up.
What a cool way to kick off the Christmas season!Not sure what the bear claw is all about...
Nana, Papa, Jaymin & Sierra - ready to go!
Santa rides the train back to the station with you
and each child gets a silver bell - just like in the movie!

Like I said we had a great time.
But after being gone for another week is was nice to get home,
back in our routine, and start thinking about Christmas!
Thank you Nana & Papa for a great trip
and thank you Granny Lucy for gifting us your timeshare!! :)

While in Branson I turned 27.........weeks. ;)
27. I wish!
I'll turn the big 3-0 in 2012 so trying to prepare my heart for that. ;)
I'm 28 weeks today!
Lots to do before this little girl takes over my life for a bit! :)

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jeanna said...

how fun!! a good friend of mine goes there every year for thanksgiving. it makes me so happy to see your heathy 27 week bump. you are so blessed, as you know.

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