the mo.

December 6, 2011

Also known as "mo-mo".

He's a pretty big deal around here.
And his story actually begins with Jaymin.
When he was a baby he received "tig-tig" from his Aunt Nicki.
She found these sweet little lovies and got one for each cousin.
They are a super soft mini blanket with an animal head.
Jay's is a soft and sleepy looking tiger.
Lane, his cousin, was already calling his puppy "pup-pup".
And so was born "tig-tig".

When Jett was a baby I was determined to find one for him too.
I had read that introducing babies to a lovey early on
is a good idea and helps them self-soothe and feel secure.
I decided on a monkey for our little man because it looked like his twin.
We used to compare the back of mo-mo's head with the back of Jett's
and it was a dead on match.
He even makes the checklist when we load up to go somewhere:
"Did you get diapers, paci, & mo-mo?"
And he's become an absolute MUST for car rides, injuries & bedtime.

He has been left in stores,
drug into swimming pools,
and worn to a nub.
He is a very loved little monkey.
And quite a lucky one at that.

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